Chrome and Edge Need to be Updated Right Away

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Photo: CC Photo Labs (Shutterstock) – Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, two widely used browsers, also need to be updated. Death, taxes, and software upgrades are the three inevitables of life. The idea is to eliminate defects in programs like Chrome before they can be exploited by bad actors, rather than to make the program faultless in the first place. It’s a predicament that Chrome and Edge users are in right now.

The problem with Google Chrome?

On Friday, March 25, Google released a new version of Chrome (99.0.4844.84) with a changelog describing a single security flaw. Zero-day hole, CVE-2022-1096, is a high-severity JavaScript type confusion vulnerability in Chrome V8.

It is possible for programs to read or write memory of the incorrect kind if it does not do a pre-check beforehand. In many cases, this causes the program to fail, but it may also be used by malicious actors to execute their own code.

What’s noteworthy about this fix is how little information Google provides about how the bug was exploited. The business verified that CVE-2022-1096 was being exploited in the wild, but did not disclose more. As soon as enough people have updated their web browsers, Google will provide further details about this zero-day bug to prevent other criminals from exploiting it.

Why do Microsoft Edge users need to upgrade?

While it’s apparent for Chrome users to upgrade their browsers, Edge users should do the same. The reason behind this is because Microsoft used Chromium, the open-source codebase that powers Chrome’s code, in the development of their browser. Both Chrome and Edge are at risk since they are both built on the Chromium platform, which has a zero-day weakness that has to be fixed quickly.

What is the procedure for updating Chrome and Edge?

Fortunately, it’s simple to check for browser updates. To learn more about Chrome or Edge, just click the three dots in the upper-right corner of your browser window and choose “About Google Chrome” or “About Microsoft Edge.” You may check to see whether an update is ready for installation here. Please do so immediately if you can.