The Best Windows Screenshot Tool Available!

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Photo: sdx15 (Shutterstock) – If you don’t like the built-in Windows screenshot tools, ShareX is an excellent replacement. It is true that the built-in screenshot capabilities in Windows are adequate for most users, but they lack advanced features such as scrolling screenshots, preset time intervals, and cloud uploads.

ShareX is the greatest alternative screenshot tool for Windows, despite the fact that there are a number of other options. For free and highly configurable processes like uploading images to your own server (or any cloud storage provider) and automatically copying the URL, ShareX is the ideal solution. ShareX’s UI, on the other hand, may be confusing, therefore we’ve outlined the most straightforward method for getting it up and running.

What are the options for configuring ShareX hotkeys?

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Creating keyboard shortcuts is the easiest method to utilize ShareX. You’ll be asked to do this as soon as you install the program, but you can also go to Hotkey settings… in the left pane to add or alter shortcuts.

On the left-hand side of this window, you’ll see numerous snapshot actions, such as Capture full screen and Capture area. The keyboard shortcut is shown in the same row on the right as the text box..

Most importantly, note the shade of blue in the little square box on the right. Windows has already assigned this keyboard shortcut to another job, so you’ll need to alter it if the color is red. You’re good to go if the light is green.

In order to add a new action, click the Add button at the top-left of the screen and choose the task from the first drop-down box on the right. For example, I choose Screen Capture > Capture last area and created a custom keyboard shortcut for it. Using the Capture last region action, I may take a second snapshot of the same area on my computer.

A screenshot folder may be set up in ShareX by following these instructions

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Instead of putting all of your screenshots in the default ShareX folder, you should create a separate folder for all of your ShareX screenshots.

Choose Application settings… > Paths in order to accomplish this goal. Click Go… to browse to a folder of your choosing when using the Use custom screenshots folder option.

You should also return to ShareX’s main window and go to After capture tasks > Save picture to file to ensure that each screenshot is saved to the correct folder. Instead, you may choose Transfer picture to clipboard under After capture duties to copy all screenshots to the clipboard.

Remember that you may set up several actions under After Capture Tasks, and you should check out all choices to develop a process that works best for you.

In ShareX, how do you upload photographs to the cloud?

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ShareX is compatible with a wide range of cloud providers, including Google Drive, OneDrive, and Amazon S3. You may link it to your online account by heading to ShareX > Destinations > Destination settings… and selecting the service you need.

In ShareX’s Hotkey settings, you may create a keyboard shortcut that uploads a picture to your favorite cloud storage provider. ShareX > After upload tasks > Copy URL To Clipboard will provide you a shareable link right away.

Editing and annotating images in ShareX: a step-by-step guide

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Editing screenshots and annotating them is also possible with ShareX. Open in picture editor after capture tasks will open taken screenshots in the built-in image editor, therefore this method is the most efficient. Hovering your mouse pointer over any tool will reveal its name, but the most critical ones are as follows:

  • To use this tool, click the 001 symbol in the toolbar. It embellishes your screenshot with numbered circles. Using the Step tool, place circles labeled 1, 2, 3, and so on on the picture to indicate the many stages that were taken to create it.
  • Arrow: Allows you to draw arrows on the picture to highlight critical sections in a screenshot.
  • Using the rectangle and ellipse tools, you may create geometrical forms on your screenshots. Fill these shapes with solid colors by selecting the Fill Color tool on the right side of the toolbar. To conceal critical information in screenshots, this is a far better option than using the blur tool.
  • In order to move the pointer around the screen, you’ll need to utilize this tool.

Other features of ShareX are worth learning about

You may use ShareX’s Workflows tab and the Start/Stop screen recording option to record a video of your screen. A GIF option is also available for screen recordings.

Click the Capture option in the left pane if you’d want to do more with screenshots in ShareX In addition to collecting screenshots automatically, you may apply a timer to the screenshots, take scrolling screenshots, capture one or more displays, and more.