Discovering and Erasing Your Embarrassing Twitter History

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Photo: Worawee Meepian (Shutterstock) – Innocent, out-of-date tweets should not be used against you. There are ramifications to the things you say on Twitter. A writer recently disclosed that he was turned down for a job because he tweeted that he wanted to “tear down” Whole Foods. The incendiary tweet in question was obviously satirical. A long time has passed since it was originally published.

Do you recall all of your tweets over the past three years? Jokes you’ve made in the past that were innocent, outdated, or crude might come back to haunt you. Anyone can see anything you’ve posted in the past even if you’ve made your Facebook account private. There are a few tools you may use to look for and delete posts that might bring you shame or harm your current persona. Whether you have two or two million followers, the bad portions of your internet footprint can and should be removed. We’ve compiled a list of methods you can tidy up your Twitter feed.

To begin, you may choose to save a copy of your Twitter activity.

There are times when you just can’t bear to get rid of your Twitter account. If you want to save a copy of your Twitter posts for historical purposes, for your own peace of mind, or for any other reason, it’s easy to do so.

Enter your Twitter settings and select “Your Account,” then “Download an archive of your data,” from the drop-down menu. Following the submission of your data request, you will be required to authenticate your account. Following verification, you’ll receive an email explaining that Twitter may take up to 24 hours to complete your request.

Look for offensive terms that should be removed

It’s possible that you don’t want to delete years’ worth of tweets at once; perhaps you believe doing so would appear suspicious, or perhaps it just feels superfluous. Twitter’s Advanced Search function is ideal for filtering out certain tweets based on a time period or a specific term. What you need to know about using it.

  • Make use of Twitter’s search function (the top right corner on desktop). Make a list of keywords, such as “burn down” or “Whole Foods.”
  • Then choose “More choices” and “Advanced search.”
  • Fill up the blanks with the filters that you require. You have the option of restricting the results to only your account and a certain time period.
  • Delete anything comes up in the process.

If you know exactly which tweet (or era of tweet) you’re searching for but don’t want to start scrolling back to 2012, advanced search can be a lifesaver. But if you’re already certain that you want to remove virtually every idea you’ve shared since 2012, continue reading.

Employ the services of a mass deletion service

As a new user, you may erase all of your tweets at once to start over with a clean slate. A subscription-based service isn’t necessary when there are plenty of good solutions available for free. All of them function in the same way, enabling you to remove tweets in bulk based on various parameters, such as age and keywords.

The most popular option seems to be TweetDelete, a free service with a clear privacy policy. Other free services have so many advertising that it’s almost hard to use them, however TweetDelete is a breeze to get around with.

If you’re looking for a premium service that provides a feeling of security, check out either TweetDeleter or TweetEraser.

Remove your account from the system

Finally, we’ve gotten to this point. One may go nuclear. Identifying and resolving the issue at its root will ensure your safety. Take a look at “Deactivate My Account” in your Settings by scrolling down.

Your account will be permanently deleted after you click the “delete” button. There will be no more old tweets from you in the future! (unless someone has screenshots). A million pounds are lifted off your shoulders when you deactivate, I guess.. It’s possible to dream.