In the Future, You Could Subscribe to Your iPhone and iPad

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Let’s pretend that the iPhones we’re using are just rental devices. Gizmodo/Caitlin McGarry photo -It’s possible that Apple is developing a service that allows customers to rent the company’s equipment. Everything in the future will be owned by someone else, including your iPhone or iPad.

An iPad and iPhone monthly subscription service is being developed by Apple, according to Bloomberg. For the first time in the company’s history, customers would be able to subscribe to hardware.

Compared to the present iPhone Upgrade Program, this one would be a little different. AppleCare+ and a new iPhone every year are included at a cost of roughly $35 per month. An agreement with your service provider is also part of the package.

An unannounced initiative is still under progress according to those who are familiar with it. Apple’s economic model is heavily reliant on hardware sales, so any move would represent a major shift for the company.

Even if they can’t afford the gear altogether, a leasing scheme might help maintain that relationship with customers by allowing them to utilize Apple goods and access the ecosystem. If you’re a fan of the latest and greatest iPhone, this program might be an incentive to upgrade every few years as you would if you were leasing a sports vehicle. Subscriptions are likely to be managed in the same way as other recurring monthly fees through your Apple account, either online or on your mobile device. You won’t have to fight with your carrier to acquire an update either.

On Bloomberg’s request, a spokeswoman for Apple refused to answer questions on the company’s future. Apple has also been contacted, but no answer has been received.

A subscription-based model for Apple’s best-selling products makes logical, even if it hasn’t been confirmed by the company. In addition to its agreement with Citizens One Personal Loans for its iPhone Upgrade Program, Apple already has a financing infrastructure in place with the debut of the Apple Card.

Subscription hardware programs are nothing new in today’s culture. It was just a matter of time until physical items followed in the footsteps of digital streaming services. This concept has lately been investigated by a number of other IT firms. Peloton, for example, is piloting a subscription option for new customers to lease its bikes in an effort to reduce its inventory.

Unconfirmed reports claim that Apple’s subscription service, which is planned to launch at the end of this year, might be delayed until 2023 or scrapped altogether. We’ll simply have to wait and see what happens at this point.