Parental Guidance for the New “Supervision” Function on Instagram

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Image : Meta – For the first time, the app’s new parental controls allow you to see what your child is doing. Everyone knows Instagram is bad for everyone, but it’s especially bad for adolescents. There is considerable debate as to whether or not Instagram has a detrimental influence on the mental health of teens, but Facebook’s own statistics (which was made public last autumn, before Meta was a thing) revealed just that.

For parents or caregivers of teenagers, you may want to know more about how they use Instagram. Parental controls dubbed Supervision were recently developed by Meta and are now only available in the United States.

Parental controls, such as time restrictions and notifications about who minors are following and who is following them, are now possible, but they must be activated by the teen’s account. Caretakers will be able to set up Supervision and restrict Instagram access hours in the future, according to Meta. As of now, here’s how you may take use of Supervision

Instructions on how to set up Instagram supervision

For the time being, teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17 must begin a Supervision request by extending an invitation to their parent or guardian, who must also have an Instagram profile (or create one).

Open the Instagram app on your teen’s phone, navigate to their profile page, and press the three vertical lines in the upper right corner. Select Settings > Supervision > Next from the drop-down menu. Select Set up supervision and then choose how you want the invite link to be sent to the parent or guardian (if applicable).

If you wish to accept an invitation, go to Instagram and sign into the account that you want to use to monitor others. Then, in whichever messaging app was used, click on the invite link, which will bring up the Instagram Family Center. To accept the invitation, proceed to the next step.

How to change the settings for Instagram’s Supervision features

In order to modify your teen’s Instagram time restriction, navigate to Settings > Supervision > Accounts you supervise and choose your teen’s account from the dropdown menu. Then pick the appropriate limit by tapping Set limit and clicking Save. You can also see how much time they spent on Instagram in the last seven days by visiting this page.

You may also see who your adolescent is following and who he or she is following. As soon as you have selected your teen’s account, go to Followers & following > See more.