The Elden Ring: How to Get Out of an Infinite Death Loop if You’re Hacked

by - – A hacker’s goal is to disrupt your Elden Ring experience. The anonymity of the internet has always elicited the worst in people. In their own unhappy lives, losers like to take it out on those who are attempting to take advantage of some well-earned down time. A new hacking example arrives in the shape of Elden Ring, which allows hackers to crash games and lock unwary gamers into a never-ending death circle.

Like previous FromSoftware games, Elden Ring is a multiplayer experience. That means you may have others join your game while you play, either because you summoned them, or because they’ve opted to invade your game. Experiencing the Elden Ring in this way is quite natural. The only thing that’s out of the ordinary is when somebody enter your game with the sole goal of making your save file unusable.

Hackers who were considered errors by their parents have found an in-game action that causes your PC game to collapse. While it’d be irritating, this “hack” would be of little concern if it simply shut off your game. However, if you restart the game, your character will be trapped in an endless downward spiral and unable to be restored from a Site of Grace.

Mordecai (@EldenRingUpdate) illustrated the problem in a tweet on Friday:

As of right now, Elden Ring’s creators have not provided any information on how to resolve the problem or whether a patch is on the way to stop these bastards from abusing a game-breaking flaw on folks who simply want to enjoy a $60 game in peace. Because so many of us play on PC, this problem has the potential to harm a significant number of people. Those on Xbox or PlayStation are unaffected.

Elden Ring’s infinite-death exploit can be fixed

There is a remedy if you encounter one of these players on your trek across the Elden Ring and find yourself locked in the unending falling death cycle. Draiganedig, a Redditor, offered a suggestion for breaking out of this apparently interminable loop.

You die practically quickly after the glitched game loads. Almost. Press Alt + F4 as soon as your character is about to die. If you type this command, your game will be switched off. Open your map, pick Sites of Grace (Y on Xbox controller, Triangle on PlayStation controller), and then hit the corresponding select button right away if you have more time to act (A on Xbox controller, X on PlayStation controller).

You should be able to return to a Site of Grace if you can complete this procedure quickly enough. Although it hasn’t worked for everyone, there are no guarantees here.

For now, you may wish to disable multiplayer until this problem is fixed by FromSoft. While Elden Ring’s online features might be entertaining, they aren’t worth the risk of your game being broken by random hackers.