Towards a Smarter Future Home Things have been pushed back—again

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When will Matter-compliant smart lamps like this become available? After then, it won’t be until fall of 2022. Matter is shown in this image. – Matter’s introduction has been delayed until the fall of 2022, according to the CSA. What is Matter, the standard for smart homes of the future? Although the specification is complete, it nevertheless has the air of an unproven hypothesis. It doesn’t help that another delay is on the way.

For a whole industry that is already in motion it is not simple to force through a new specification even with all the other smart home giants behind Matter. Originally scheduled to go live at the end of 2020, Project CHIP was renamed Matter and the launch date was pushed back to the middle of 2021. After then, it was postponed until sometime in the middle of the year. According to this latest progress report, there will be no Matter gadgets until the fall of 2022.

This was clarified by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) in an update to its official blog. CSA and its members “looked at what’s left to accomplish” following CES 2022 and recognized there were still more problems to sort out.

We are expanding our testing and validation activities in order to increase code quality and stability and handle the wide range of Matter devices and platforms,” explains the CSA. Developers of Matter-capable devices will benefit from the additional time to upgrade the software development kit (SDK).

A “greater pipeline of Matter-enabled devices” is expected to be ready at launch, if this delay has any positive impact. “A strong supply chain of development platforms” for new devices and device categories—in particular, the CSA refers to “more than 16 development platforms”—will be possible with this additional runway. It also implies that the launch of Matter will not need device makers rushing out software in support of the new technology.

Prior to the summer’s final Matter Specification Validation Event (SVE), a 9th test event is scheduled for the spring of 2019. It’s been said that the validation process will be “the most sophisticated and biggest ever.” As many as 50 different firms are expected to submit more than 130 gadgets covering 15 different device categories and sensor kinds, such as LED smart lamps and smart TVs. Companies participating in the first wave will be able to apply for Matter certification and begin distributing their devices to customers once the specification is completed and available.

The Verge questioned the CSA’s Michelle Mindala-Freeman how sure she was that the revised Matter due date would be met. According to Mindala-Freeman, the SDK will be completed in Q2 and a version of the specification will be made available to the membership by the end of [June].

You should not be alarmed, as long as the CSA is on your side. A last promise from this blog guarantees it’s nearing completion and that “a few additional months will be worth the wait.” In terms of logistics, that’s possible. Our smart homes may feel like they are in a holding pattern for the time being for customers.