Repairing a Bricked Apple Watch in the Most Time-Efficient Manner possible

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Photo: DenPhotos (Shutterstock) – iOS 15.4 includes a new feature that makes it easy to recover your Apple Watch from the comfort of your own home. There is no method to manually repair the software on a bricked Apple Watch, like you can on an iPhone or iPad, using a Mac. If it crashed during an update or because of a software issue, your only option was to take it to an Apple Store (or mail it in to Apple for a reset). You may now use the iPhone to reset your Apple Watch wirelessly as long as you have the latest watchOS 8.5 and iOS 15.4 or above.

How to restore your Apple Watch to factory settings manually

You may charge your Apple Watch by placing it near your iPhone. Double-click the Digital Crown button if the watch displays a red exclamation mark to begin searching for nearby iPhones.

Ensure that the iPhone is unlocked, Bluetooth is activated, and wifi is linked to the local network before continuing. On the iPhone, a pop-up with an Apple Watch pairing option will display, but with the option to recover the watch instead of connecting it. To restore it to factory settings, press “Continue” and follow the onscreen instructions.

Use a 2.4GHz network if you don’t see the pop-up on your iPhone, otherwise, switch to a 5GHz network. For additional troubleshooting, check sure you’re not on a restricted or 802.1X-enabled network before trying again.