Is there a way to turn on Microsoft Edge’s “Efficient Mode?”

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Photo: monticello (Shutterstock) – Older hardware will run more slowly if Edge doesn’t have it. Microsoft Edge is a decent browser by default. As a result of Microsoft’s efforts to make Edge less resource-intensive than Chrome, the browser is now extremely fast, adaptable, and efficient. However, Edge might be difficult to use on some PCs due to outdated technology. Switching to Edge’s “Efficiency” mode might help if your computer is sluggish or wasting too much energy.

In what way does Edge’s Efficiency Mode (or Performance Mode) work?

This is basically what Microsoft Edge does when you enable the efficiency mode. Automatic activation occurs when your device’s battery is low, but you may turn it on at any time via the settings menu. Activating Edge’s “Sleeping Tabs” function will ratchet up the heat. There will be no resources being utilized by any open tab that hasn’t been accessed in the last five minutes.

Detailed instructions on how to activate and adjust the Efficiency Mode

Go to Settings by clicking the three-dotted Menu button. Select “System and Performance” from the sidebar, then select the dropdown next to “Turn on efficiency mode when” in the Optimize Performance portion of the Optimize Performance window that appears.

It’s best to utilize the “Always” option, however you have the option of just using this function when your device isn’t plugged into a power source.

Make sure the Sleeping Tabs function is activated. The “Never put these sites to sleep” feature allows you to make exceptions for certain websites that you don’t want to go to sleep if you so choose.

To set or disable the efficiency mode fast, follow these steps

Even if you don’t plan to use it for a long time, you may enable the efficiency mode by clicking on the menu button. To access the “Performance” menu, click the three-dotted Menu button.

You may pin the feature to the taskbar from the popup by clicking the Pin icon. With a single click, you may enable or disable the function.