Use the ‘Transparent Note’ App to Survive Your Next Online Meeting or Interview

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Photo: Vadym Pastukh (Shutterstock) – Keeping your notes hidden from others in the Zoom meeting is a must. Everyone knows that no matter how hard they try, they will never be able to remember everything that is said or every question that is asked. It still seems more impressive, particularly on video calls, if we never have to glance away from the camera when interviewing or making a presentation. This problem may be solved by simultaneously seeing your notes and the video conference. What we’ve discovered is an app that can assist us out: Known as Transparent Note, the term isn’t playing around.

Transparent Note is a straightforward note-taking tool, but with one essential difference: Your notes may be transparent, enabling you to view what’s behind the note itself on your Mac or PC. The program may be downloaded for free on Macs (with premium features hidden behind a paywall), but it costs $4.99 on Windows computers.

Using Transparency Note to enhance your video calls

Video calls are the most obvious use for this sort of program, but I can see myself utilizing it in a variety of other situations. It’s no longer necessary to uncomfortably peek at your résumé or your prepared set of questions if you become stumped during a job interview. On the other hand, you may put all of the necessary discussion points on the video conference itself: However, all of the notes you made before are still there in your view of the screen.

In the same way, if you’re interviewing someone else for a job, you may use this technique. Any notes from the candidate’s résumé that you believe are relevant may be referenced in your interview questions. Let’s talk about delivering speeches. No one on Zoom will know you’re reading from a script since you can do that while speaking.

Using Transparency Note

This software is really easy to use: You just open it and begin creating a new note like you would with any other note-taking app, except this time your note will be transparent. Changing the transparency level of the backdrop may be done by clicking the settings gear in the lower left corner.

Additionally, you can change the color of the note from white to yellow or blue to Green. You can also pick whether the note will stay on top of all windows or vanish when you switch programs.

Screenshot: Jake Peterson

Despite the fact that the Mac version is free, it lacks two paid features: Only one note at a time may be made. There will be advertisements, but I haven’t seen any in my testing. A one-time cost of $99.99 for lifetime usage is available for individuals who wish to write many notes and/or remove the advertising.

As a note-taking software, Transparent Note isn’t for me. I’d probably copy and paste my talking points into my one free note before a video call, as well as take down notes during the conversation on the document. If it describes your situation, the free version should suffice.