Download YouTube Videos to Watch Later When You’re Not Connected

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In the browser, you may now download videos from YouTube. Image sourced from YouTube – It’s OK if you don’t have an internet connection, but there are a few limitations. Watching YouTube videos is great when you’ve got a decent internet connection, but what if you’re on vacation, traveling, or just commuting and don’t have access to a fast connection? Preparation is key in these circumstances, so consider downloading YouTube videos ahead of time and watching them offline.

We’re going to show you how to accomplish this legally and ethically by signing up for a YouTube Premium membership. It’s possible to locate more dubious methods of obtaining YouTube videos by doing a fast online search, but these methods come with their own set of risks.

At the time of this writing, YouTube Premium is available for a monthly fee of $12. Apart from the ability to save videos to your devices, you will never see advertisements on YouTube with a membership. It’s also worth noting that YouTube Music Premium, which costs $10 a month on its own, is included in the subscription.

Downloading YouTube videos to a computer

Chrome’s desktop download page. Image sourced from YouTube

To download videos from YouTube, you’ll need to have a premium account. Start the download by clicking on it. Any time you’re looking at video thumbnails in a grid, you may click the three dots next to a video to get the download option.

There is a little status bar in the bottom left corner, and you must leave the current browser tab open until it is finished downloading. Because downloads are local to the device you’re using, they won’t be automatically removed until the device is unplugged from the internet for 30 days.

To access your downloads on YouTube, click the Downloads button in the left-hand navigation bar. Anything on this website may be seen without an internet connection if you choose to do so. You may alter the default video quality of your downloads by clicking the Download settings (top-right) button. You can go up to 1080p HD.

The Delete all downloads button, which may be found on the same page, removes all of the clips you’ve saved to the current device. To delete a single download, click the three dots next to the clip on the downloads page and choose Remove from downloads, or go to the video page and select Downloaded then Delete on the ensuing dialog box.

Please note that the caching mechanism needed means that this only works in Google Chrome and browsers based on the Chromium platform, such as Microsoft Edge. In order to download YouTube videos, you’ll need to use a browser other than Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari.

How to download YouTube videos to your iOS and Android devices

On both mobile and desktop, you have the option of customizing the download quality. Image sourced from YouTube

YouTube videos may be downloaded from inside the Android and iOS mobile applications as well. While viewing videos, you may hit the Download button that appears below them, or if you’re browsing through videos, you can pick the Download video option by tapping the three dots underneath the video.

To begin with, you’ll be given the option of selecting a video quality, ranging from standard definition (SD) to full high definition (1080p). Unless you tick the Remember my settings option, you will be prompted to choose a download video quality every time you save a clip from the YouTube app.

The video download quality and other options, such as whether or not to limit downloads to periods when your smartphone is connected to wifi, may be found by touching your profile image (top right on the front screen), then Settings and Background and downloads, on the Settings screen. In addition, there’s a toggle option for Recommend downloads: In order to store videos that you may wish to watch later, you can enable this feature.

From the app’s home screen, choose Library, then Downloads to see all of your suggested films and videos you’ve already downloaded to your phone. For the downloads to stay active, you must connect to the internet at least once every 30 days so YouTube can verify that you are still a Premium member.

To uninstall a downloaded video from your smartphone, tap the three dots next to it. All of your downloaded videos may be deleted from the download settings page, as well as a breakdown of how much space each one is using up on your phone or tablet.