Samsung’s Latest Update Brings New Camera Features to Existing Phones

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Samsung is expanding the use of the Galaxy S22’s Object Eraser. Image courtesy of Florence Ion/Gizmodo. – The One UI 4.1 update gives older Galaxy smartphones a boost in performance. When an Android software update is released, there is much to be excited about. A few of the coolest features from Samsung’s Galaxy S22 smartphone line are now available on older models.

Older models, including the Galaxy S20, S21, S10, and Note 20, will begin receiving One UI 4.1 in the coming weeks, according to the firm. The Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip, as well as select Galaxy A series smartphones and the Tab S series tablets, are also included in the update.

There are a lot of new camera-related features in One UI 4.1. Among these is the Expert RAW mode, which is exclusive to the S21 Ultra and can be obtained only through the Galaxy Apps store. As with Google Photos’ Magic Eraser, Samsung will bring over its Object Eraser, which allows you scrub out an individual or object from an image.

Camera features and which models will get the upgrade may be found in the official Korean Samsung community forums. As of the next Galaxy smartphone, night portraits will be available on both the front and rear cameras, allowing users to take even better photos in portrait mode. Portrait mode may even accommodate dogs, such that the blur around their fur is perfectly matched.. It’s possible to snap close-up photographs of faraway subjects if your Galaxy S handset has a telephoto lens attached to the rear.

The new video recording interface has been improved by the current software version. The front-facing and back-facing cameras will save their videos in separate folders. Additionally, you can edit and playback footage at the same time in Samsung’s camera app, which is a useful feature that has been borrowed from desktop-based video editing tools.

In addition to the camera app, One UI 4.1 has a number of other enhancements. In order to use the Grammarly-powered keyboard on older Galaxy devices, you’ll need to go through a few menu choices in the Samsung Keyboard app. It’s easier to share photographs now, thanks to automatic cropping and optimization that removes extraneous information from screenshots before they’re sent to another app. For the first time ever, you’ll be able to use Google Duo’s Live Sharing.

It’s likely to arrive in the US in the next several weeks, according to Samsung, which says the One UI 4.1 rollout has begun in certain markets. A small number of Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 owners have already received the new software.