Even if you don’t have Vanced, you can still watch YouTube videos without ads

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techno.rentetan.com – YouTube’s famous modified app is no longer, but there are still plenty of alternatives. There was a popular modified version of the YouTube app called “YouTube Vanced,” which allowed us to access features that were otherwise unavailable in the free version of the program (not to mention a few fun extras, like themes and swipe controls). However, its popularity was largely due to its inclusion of premium features like as ad-blocking, offline downloading, picture-in-picture, and background playing, all of which were otherwise only available for a monthly fee of $9.99. It had a devoted following among Android users, but sadly, it has been discontinued.

However, despite Google’s request that Vanced cease operations, you may still enjoy ad-free YouTube with background playing even if you don’t utilize the service. There are a lot of other possibilities out there.

In the meanwhile, if you’ve already had Vanced installed, you’re good to go.)

An argument for YouTube Premium first

Vanced options will be discussed below, but before we do, let’s take a look at YouTube Premium. All of your devices are ad-free with this $11.99/month subscription. You may access your TV, computer, and Android smartphone from any location. In addition, you’ll be able to use features like picture-in-picture and background playback.

If you can afford to pay for premium, you’re helping to support the people who make the material. The $14.99/month family plan allows you to divide the cost with up to five additional users.

YouTube Vanced’s biggest rivals

YouTube Vanced-like features may be obtained for free using modified programs and third-party clients if you can’t or don’t want to pay for YouTube Premium.


In contrast to Vanced, NewPipe is not an app that has been tampered with. You may use it as a standalone YouTube player that’s free and open source. It’s light, yet it has all the features you care about most, such as: There are no commercials, no background music, and no picture-in-picture. I’ve been using NewPipe exclusively for the last two years.

In the same way as Vanced isn’t in the Play Store, neither is NewPipe. They have an APK installer on their website, and it may also be found on the F-Droid store (an alternate to Google Play Store, which hosts free and open source apps).


Another open-source and free third-party YouTube program, similar to NewPipe. There are no advertising, and background payback is included, so it has everything you need.

The only drawback is that it’s a purely visual experience. There’s no way to sync your YouTube account since you can’t log in. Subscriptions and bookmarks for channels are handled by the app itself.

uBlock Origin Firefox add-on

Firefox’s enormous collection of free add-ons is one compelling argument to prefer it over Google Chrome on Android. We can use them here, too. With the uBlock Origin add-on, you can enjoy ad-free viewing of YouTube videos on your browser. Add-ons > Menu > uBlock Origin is where you’ll find it.

Is there a disadvantage to this? Offline downloads are not supported.

The Brave Browser

The Brave browser is recommended by Vanced for watching ad-free YouTube videos on Android, according to the company. Ad-blocking is included into the app, and as long as Shields Up is active on the YouTube site, you should be OK.

When browsing the internet, use an ad-blocking virtual private network

Use a VPN for Android to avoid being tracked by ads instead. To avoid internet monitoring and to prevent advertising from loading on your devices, use this method. To prevent ads, Vanced recommends Adguard, although you may use any ad-blocking VPN to accomplish this goal.