Why Substack’s New App Is the Right Choice for Your Company

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Image: Substack Reader

techno.rentetan.com – That annoying email notice is no longer an issue. You may subscribe to a particular writer’s newsletter and get their articles in your email. As a subscription-based service, it enables authors to be paid directly by their readers (while Substack also gets a cut). For those who follow a lot of people on Substack, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the constant deluge of email alerts announcing the latest articles from your favorite authors. A little too much. If you want to turn off the constant barrage of alerts, you can now do it in one app.

There are fewer alerts with the Substack Reader app (available for iPhone), which makes reading more enjoyable while still allowing you to keep up with your favorite authors. You only need to activate Pause email notifications when you first install the free program. Click on the profile icon in the lower right-hand corner of the app and choose Notifications if you wish to activate this feature now. It’s possible to turn off email alerts here.) In order to ensure that you don’t miss any articles, Substack will keep delivering emails if you ever decide to quit using the app altogether.

The app also prompts you for a profile, and you’ll see a list of newsletters linked to your email address when logged in. Your profile will show these newsletters to the public unless you uncheck them during setup (or later) by heading to profile icon > Edit profile (or vice versa).

Discover the Discover tab (the magnifying glass symbol) in Substack, where you’ll find highlighted content. Linking your Twitter profile with Substack might help you discover more articles that are relevant to you based on the reading list of people you follow. (Of course, it’s important to bear in mind that tying Twitter to Substack is a risky move).

Finally, Substack’s app does not enable you to pay for newsletters using Apple’s payment processor—go to Substack’s website and attach your credit card to pay publishers there instead. Substack’s app is now only available for iPhone, however you may join the queue if you want it on Android.