My ideal computer is an iMac G4 modded with an M1 chip

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Photo: NurPhoto/Getty (Getty Images) – Despite its antique appearance, this machine packs a powerful punch. Apple’s Mac range was shaken up this week with the introduction of the Mac Studio, which comes with the powerful M1 Ultra processor and the Studio Display panel. Their austere designs, although interesting in and of themselves, lack some of the flare that formerly characterized Apple goods.

One modder decided to use the body of a much cooler Apple gadget and replace it with current components instead of spending hundreds of dollars on new technology. Reviving an iMac G4 all-in-one computer using an M1 motherboard from the Mac mini was accomplished by connor55.

The objective was to replace the old components with the new ones while still maintaining the iMac G4’s distinctive look. It everything worked out in the end. When the project was completed, a powerful all-in-one PC with a retro appearance was the result.

The first iMac G4 was unveiled in January 2002 and used a PowerPC processor with up to 256MB of SDRAM and up to 80GB of internal storage as standard. For good reason, it has become a revered emblem of retro-tech: it seems futuristic, the form is deliciously uncomfortable, and the stainless steel arm was genuinely innovative.

It was uploaded to the MacRumors forum with high-resolution photographs for people who desire a step-by-step guide. Simply stated, connor55 dug down his G4’s base and installed a Mac mini motherboard inside. That one component is smaller than the G4 hard drive alone, making this viable. M1 processor, 16GB of RAM and 1TB SSD are all included on the motherboard, which is everything you need for current apps.

The original power button, disc drive, and 1024768-pixel display all operate well (though Connor55 is considering an upgrade in the future). Instead of FireWire 400 and VGA connectors, the MacBook now has USB-C and HDMI connections as well as an SD card reader and Ethernet and headphone jacks. You may now connect to the internet or other wireless devices using Bluetooth or wifi instead of the older FireWire 400 and VGA ports.

To save space, all three M1 Mac Mini antennae were removed and replaced with a single set of antennas. As Connor55 said on the forum, “I positioned them all just in front of the exhaust vents at the top of the base. There is a weak Wi-Fi signal, but I have a range extender right beside it, yet I can still receive more than 100Mbps. If you’re not near the dome, Bluetooth doesn’t operate at all. Bluetooth is “excellent enough to utilize a keyboard and a mouse,” according to him.

Not for the first time, the iMac G4 has found itself on the list of potential organ donors. Colbyjohn94 uploaded a similar artwork to Twitter and the MacRumors forums late last year. A desktop that mimics the Pixar Luxo light would be wonderful if Apple could just bring it back.