Is there any way to disable the faulty “AirPods Left Behind” notification on iOS?

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Photo: Ivan_Shenets (Shutterstock) – AirPods aren’t on the bus, they’re in my pocket. Have you ever been in a situation like this? When you’re out and about, you’re greeted with a “AirPods Left Behind” message on your iPhone. In the midst of a panic, you discover that your costly earphones never left your pocket. What’s wrong, iPhone?

For the sake of clarity, let us first go through the intended functionality of this feature.. Apple’s “Notify When Left Behind” feature is available for AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, and AirPods 3 when linked with any iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 device. As a result of these headphones’ compatibility with the Find My network, they may interact with other iPhones in order to update their location. You can see where your AirPods last made touch with another iPhone user, but it’s not a live GPS signal.

A notice should be sent to your phone if this functionality is functioning properly and detecting when your AirPods are no longer in your ears. The function may be turned off in certain areas, so that it doesn’t notify you every time you leave your AirPods someplace. By doing this, you may avoid receiving notifications from the iPhone each time you forget to bring your AirPods home, or any other important device.

The issue here is that your iPhone may now tell you that your AirPods have been left behind even though they are still in your possession. Every day, I receive these notifications. My iPhone sometimes believes I left my AirPods back at my previous location; other times, it says my AirPods were left behind on the highway, 10 minutes ago.

An AirPods firmware upgrade, notably version 4A400, seems to be to blame for this problem. Users, including myself, have been inundated with these messages ever since the upgrade. My best assumption is that the update has screwed with the Find My communications AirPods are intended to have. This happens after a period of time and makes iOS believe the AirPods are no longer connected to your phone.

How do I get rid of these AirPods alerts?

This glitch has affected a large number of individuals, so I’m sure Apple is working on a solution. There is a patch, but it hasn’t arrived yet Apple is expected to release iOS 15.4 next week, which might include it. Any necessary instructions will be included if this is the case. Until then, though, you’re better off turning off the Find My function to save yourself the daily misery.

Open Find My on your iPhone and turn off “Notify When Left Behind” by tapping the toggle next to it. Even though this function is supposed to help you prevent losing your AirPods, it is a disappointment when you are constantly reminded that your AirPods are gone.

It’s possible to get around the issue by unpairing and resetting your AirPods. A reset of technology may frequently do wonders for those in need of it. Trying it out before deactivating it is easy and takes no time whatsoever. As soon as possible, notify those who have been left in the dark.