Tabs are now available in Windows File Explorer for the first time

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Image: Microsoft – This time, Microsoft is serious about getting things done. At the very least, we hope so. I never imagined I’d live to witness such a day. Instead of Apple providing us with a more helpful variety of ports (see Mac Studio), or Google offering emoji responses that are compatible with iOS devices, Microsoft is finally bringing tabs to the File Explorer.

According to Rafael Rivera, a creator of the EarTrumpet program (as reported by The Verge), this long-awaited feature is currently being tested in Microsoft’s newest Windows 11 release, which I’m pleased to share with my fellow computer users. When this feature is activated, tabs display at the top of the File Explorer window, similar to how they look on a web browser when the feature is disabled. You can keep numerous folders open at the same time and rapidly switch between them in this manner.

Thousands of Windows users have petitioned Microsoft to update the File Explorer application and to include basic capabilities that would make the file management tool more user-friendly. Adding tabs is an excellent first step, and it should prevent users from losing their position while moving from one folder to another.

In the future, I could see myself utilizing this functionality to modify images for numerous evaluations, with each tab representing a folder for a different product. It is hoped that Microsoft will offer an option to keep particular tabs bookmarked or pinned to the top bar so that they display as soon as the application is launched.

It’s important to note that Microsoft has previously promised us a tabbed interface for File Explorer, but has failed to deliver on that promise. The software behemoth was experimenting with a tabbed interface in Windows 10 programs (including File Explorer), which they called Sets. Unfortunately, Microsoft decided to discontinue the plan after receiving unfavorable feedback from Windows Insiders and other users.

This newest sneak look at Microsoft’s plans for File Explorer shows that the corporation has no plans to modify the tool any more in the future. With the release of Windows 11, the File Explorer gained some cosmetic enhancements, but it remains functionally identical to the previous Windows 95 version. Colorful flashes of transparency and a new toolbar have been added to make it seem more contemporary; yet, nothing has been done to make it more user-friendly. We anticipate Microsoft will unveil File Explorer tabs in the near future, however we’ll keep our expectations in check in case it slips through the cracks once again..