On the Galaxy S22, Samsung is beginning to roll out controls for app throttling

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Galaxy S22 Ultra is a top performance, but only if you don’t use Samsung’s Game Optimization Service (GOS). Image copyright Florence Ion/Gizmodo

techno.rentetan.com – The upgrade is being rolled out in South Korea first, but there is no news on when it will be sent out in the United States. Samsung can’t seem to introduce a flagship phone without causing a little bit of a mess along the way.. The company’s Game Optimization Service, or GOS, has lately come under criticism for restricting app performance on its Galaxy S22 series of devices. However, several well-known benchmarking suites weren’t affected by the GOS’s performance throttling.

More than 10,000 popular Android applications were revealed to be restricted by Samsung’s GOS. On Samsung’s most recent Galaxy S-series phones, it’s pre-installed. As a mobile gamer, these launchers may make your Android smartphone run “optimally” when you’re using it to play.

Games and a slew of other typical applications ran slowly on Samsung’s GOS, according to tests. Even well-known favorites like Facebook (still a favorite of your parents), Instagram (still a favorite of your parents), TikTok, Spotify, and Uber (still a favorite of your parents) were on the short list.

Throttling was shown in yet another video provided by a Korean YouTuber. Instead of using Geekbench, however, they used 3DMark, and the findings indicated that the device was stalled in performance only when all the programs were classified such that the GOS wasn’t used at all. So, Geekbench banned Samsung’s smartphones off the worldwide leaderboard for the past four years because many suspected that Samsung was trying to rig the system.

GOS throttling concerns have been addressed in the current firmware update, which includes additional adjustments, according to Korean Samsung community forums. According to Google Translate, the update removes the “CPU/GPU initial performance restriction while launching the game” as well as allowing particular programs to “bypass GOS” for the first time. Because I don’t have access to our review unit, I can’t say for sure whether there is an obvious solution.

For US-based Galaxy S22 phones, we reached out to Samsung to see whether they will get a similar software patch. There has been no announcement from the corporation about an upgrade for the US market.

At the very least, unlike the Galaxy Note 7’s exploding batteries, you won’t have to live with this problem on your new Galaxy S22. It’s no surprise that game launchers have become an essential component of the Android experience. Android 12 has a new feature called Game Mode, offered by Google. You can play games with push-button performance boosts and game recording options from inside your favorite games with OnePlus Games, too.

It’s hard to dismiss this episode as anything other than, say, a coding mistake, since Samsung has already been accused of inflating its performance benchmark statistics. Is it possible that Samsung was intentionally excluding benchmarking applications from the game optimization list in order to hide their nefarious activities?

Android game launchers are designed to show off the capabilities of your phone or tablet, but they may also require a little of guidance. When it comes to testing, Samsung has to find a way to provide testers access to their data without compromising the quality of the end user experience.