Google Photos: Finally Add ‘Portrait Mode’ to Any Picture

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Photo: OlgaOvcharenko (Shutterstock) – Now you can make almost every smartphone shot appear better. The best camera is one you carry. That’s why smartphone shooters are so vital. DSLRs may capture better photos, but your Pixel can fit in your pocket and travel anywhere. With Google Photo’s Portrait Blur, you can transform ordinary photographs into beautiful images full of bokeh and depth.

Portrait Blur isn’t new. This Pixel-only feature let you blur the background of photographs that weren’t taken in Portrait Mode. Previously, this function was only available on humans. Portrait Blur doesn’t work with dogs, plants, or other items you want to bokeh-fy.

That all changes with a new Google Photos upgrade. Google now lets you apply Portrait Blur to almost any picture in Google Photos, expanding the range of topics to include animals.

Using Google’s Portrait Blur on any topic imaginable

The functionality is only available to those who have either a Google Pixel or a Google One subscription. Android 8.0 or newer must be installed on your phone, and it must have at least 3GB of RAM. For the time being, it doesn’t seem to work on iOS.)

As a last step, you’ll also need to download the most recent version of Google Photos. Because it’s a fresh new update that’s just now beginning to spread, it’s likely that your device doesn’t have it yet.

Once activated, you’ll see the same Portrait Blur option you’re used to. Choose a picture from Google Photos and hit “Edit” to begin using it. Once the settings have loaded, choose “Portrait.” Using the other menu bar, press “Tools” and choose “Blur.” You can either allow Google Photos select the ideal degree of blur for you, or you may change the blur yourself. Lock your settings in by pressing “Done”.

Without going into detail, Google does caution that this functionality may not work with every picture.. Returning to the photo’s Blur settings page to adjust or remove any amount of blur if you are not satisfied with Portrait Blur’s performance. Move the slider all the way to “0” to turn it off.