With Google’s most recent Android feature drop, the Green Bubble has finally been made whole

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Finally, a method to display the responses of iOS users instead than having them arranged in a grid of text. Florence Ion / Gizmodo / Screenshot: Google

techno.rentetan.com – Android users will no longer have to wait for iMessage users to respond to them. When it rains Android updates, it really pours. With the release of Google’s newest Android features, you’ll be able to communicate with your friends and family in a more efficient manner. In addition to Google TV and Android Auto, a number of other Android-related platforms are getting new capabilities.

Hello, emojis with expressions

If you’re texting a buddy on their iPhone, you’ll now be able to view their responses to your messages. Despite the fact that it doesn’t address all of the difficulties associated with messaging with friends who use iPhones, at least you’ll no longer see a wall of text while communicating with them over SMS. Reactions will first be accessible on English-speaking devices, with support for more languages coming in the future.

Photo Backups Are Now Easier

Sadly, that’s all there is to it when it comes to communicating between Android and iPhone users. It’s not possible to deliver high-quality video to iPhone users over iMessage since it doesn’t utilize RCS. Because of the present limitations, Google has integrated the Photographs app within the Messages app so that you can easily share photos and videos from a vacation without having to leave the app. However, this provides a link to Google Photos, rather than the material that was added. You don’t have to switch between different applications at all.

Reactions from iOS devices will display in the message body as though they were delivered to the recipient through an iPhone. Image courtesy of Google

Serious Messages Arrive

In-line video playback will be implemented in a similar way on YouTube as well. Sharing YouTube links through Messages will automatically provide a preview of the video.

If you have a lot of messages in the Messages app, Google will begin to classify them by kind, much like it does with Gmail. It is possible to categorize conversations as either personal or professional. One-time password prompt messages will also be deleted from your inbox after 24 hours in order to limit the amount of clutter in your inbox.

You’ll get a gentle reminder from Messages to get in touch with pals you haven’t spoken to for some time if you leave them hanging in a discussion. And if you’ve set up birthday reminders in your calendar app, it’ll let you know when one is coming up.

Just a Few Weird and Endless Android Updates

It’s not only the Messages app that’s getting new features from Google. With the new Screen time widget for Android devices, you can keep track of how much time you spend in front of the screen and what you’re doing while you’re doing it. Portrait Blur may be used on older photographs if you have Google Photos installed on your computer.

The Gboard keyboard app has a feature that allows you to fix your grammar. Image courtesy of Google

Also, the Gboard app is growing better and better at helping people. In addition to the Pixel, the Grammar Correction feature is now available on all Android smartphones and tablets. In addition, the Emoji Kitchen mashups are growing more diverse, which is as enjoyable as the feature sounds. On order to create creative stickers, you may just type out emojis one after the other in the keyboard app one after the other.

Fans of Google TV may like the new Highlights feature, which gathers clips and other stuff linked to your favorite episodes and movies. Searching for comparable material is much simpler since a smartphone isn’t required.

This large upgrade also includes the ability to pay for parking wirelessly using Android Auto. When you’re driving, just say, “Hey Google, pay for parking,” and the Assistant will guide you through the steps required to make a payment using your smartphone. The function is accessible in around 400 ParkMobile street parking zones. You can check their parking slots on their website, but you should do it before you depend on it.

The last update in this whirlwind is Android’s take on Apple’s AirDrop. If you want to transmit a file to numerous people at once, you may do so via NearbyShare. The only thing you need to do is include them as a recipient in the transfer. All Android 6 and higher smartphones have the ability.