This Is How and What to Expect to See on March 8th’s Apple ‘Peek Performance’ Event

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Photo: Apple – We’re off! At Apple’s first 2022 event, a new affordable iPhone, mid-tier iPad, and M2 MacBooks might be unveiled. It won’t be long until the first episode of Apple Event: Episode I for 2022 begins off, and it’s expected to contain the iPhone SE 5G, iPad Air, and Mac mini, as well as new MacBooks.

This year’s event will include a new iPhone SE, which is the replacement to the 2020 model. Additionally, there have been whispers of the release of an updated iPad Air and M2-powered laptops, as well as a new color variation of the iPhone 13.

Apple’s March 8 “Peek peek” demonstration is expected to bring a few surprises, unlike the company’s previous events, which have been more predictable. For now, let’s speak about when, where and how to watch the product reveals in this article.

Event: How to Stream Apple’s “Peek Performance”

As of this writing, Apple’s “Peek peek” event is scheduled for Tuesday, March 8 at 10am PST (1pm EDT/ 6pm GMT). The event will be webcast live on Apple’s event website and on (or right here, below).

The event will be recorded and made accessible to those who were unable to attend in person. Additionally, we’ll be live-blogging the whole event as it occurs.

What to Expect at Apple’s March 8 event

This is the first time in a while that there are genuine questions about what will be on display. Reporters and leakers aren’t sure when many Apple goods will be revealed. The following is a list of items that have been related to the “Peek performance” event and our personal assessment of how probable they are will launch on March 8.

The iPhone SE 5G

Upgrades to Apple’s entry-level smartphone are about to arrive. Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known analyst and leaker, claims that the third-generation iPhone SE will include an A15 Bionic processor, 5G mmWave connectivity, 64GB of basic storage, and either 128GB or 256GB variants.

With the A15 Bionic processor, which is the same as in the iPhone 13 Pro, comes 5G wireless connection. As a pair, these two are expected to significantly outperform the current model’s capabilities, and the more efficient chip may even enhance battery life (though battery-sapping 5G could pose an endurance problem). An improved night mode would be a huge boost for the SE, which now relies on a single lens, in comparison to Google’s new Pixel 5a.

Photo: Caitlin McGarry/Gizmodo

White, black and red are likely to be available as color choices for a more budget-friendly tablet. In 2022, Apple is expected to sell 25 million to 30 million (!) iPhone SE 3s, according to rumors.

Pricing has not yet been announced, so don’t anticipate a drop from the existing $399 price. A $50 price increase could be necessary to pay for the high cost of 5G modems. Of course, you may reduce that expense by exchanging your old phone.

High degree of self-assurance. The iPhone SE will be on display.

It is the fifth generation of the iPad Air

Rumors that a new iPad Air would be unveiled during the March event have picked some speed in recent weeks. This smartphone will get the same upgrades as the iPhone SE, making it comparable to the iPad mini in terms of capabilities.

Photo: Caitlin McGarry/Gizmodo

That implies improved performance and future-proof connection (note: the iPad mini only has sub-6GHz 5G). Center Stage video calls, which employ AI to keep participants in the center of the screen, might potentially be included to Apple’s tablet version of the service Just don’t anticipate any major changes—the iPad Air 5 will be your regular gen-to-gen upgrade..

Confidence is high. Eurasian regulators recently registered a tablet, which might indicate the forthcoming arrival of an iPad Air 5.’s successor.

a Macbook

These are the most exciting parts of the story yet! In recent months, sources have indicated that Apple is planning to unveil a new Mac mini on March 8th. In fact, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claims that a new Mac mini is “ready to go” and will be powered by M1 Pro and M1 Max CPUs and have four ports.

Photo: John Biggs/Gizmodo

To keep up with Apple’s newest MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models and Mac mini desktops, it’s time to upgrade to a new M1 processor. Various sources, on the other hand, indicate that the next Mac mini will be a high-end Pro model with faster CPUs marketed alongside the present one. As an alternative, the M1 Pro/Max might be offered as a distinct option.

Confidence is high. According to Gurman, Apple would announce “at least one new Mac” with Apple Silicon during the presentation.

M2 connector for MacBook Air and Pro

This one, I’m not sure about.. After launching with Apple’s M1 CPU in November 2020, the MacBook Air is definitely overdue for an update. On the 8th of March, a slew of reports claim that Apple will unveil the MacBook Air M2, which is expected to include an 8-core CPU with a 10-core GPU, which is in line with Gurman’s previously reported MacBook Air M2 spec sheet.

Photo: Caitlin McGarry/Gizmodo

The M2 CPU and a conventional row of function keys are said to be on their way to the MacBook Pro first, according to other reports. Assuming the MacBook Air doesn’t receive an upgrade, the performance improvement should help distinguish the MacBook Pro 13 from other 14 and 16-inch “Pro” laptops. However, the MacBook Pro 13 is anticipated to remain mostly unchanged.

Moderate self-assurance. I don’t know where I stand on this one. Although both laptops are ready for an update, Apple hasn’t yet said when its M2 CPUs will be available for public consumption. Considering the MacBook Pro no longer feels like a “Pro,” it’s likely that this processor will arrive first in the MacBook Pro. As the MacBook Air reaches the end of its useful life, we wouldn’t be shocked if it received an upgrade.

monitor from Apple

When it comes to displays, only the $5,000 Pro Display XDR is an option that Apple has historically provided. The screen is too expensive for you? In order to use your $700 Mac mini, you’ll need an external display (or pricier Mac Pro). As soon as Apple released the iMac, we expressed our displeasure. There is a chance that our prayers may be fulfilled this year.

The smaller 24-inch and 27-inch standalone displays described by Gurman and leaker Dylandkt last year were meant for consumers rather than professionals. Even if it’s a wise move on Apple’s part, will the reported Apple Studio Display external monitors be unveiled at the March 8 event? It’s a little like a coin toss, really.

Medium level of self-assurance. We’ve heard rumors that Apple is working on more affordable displays, but we have no idea when it will happen.

Is there yet another Mac?

He anticipates a Mac to be unveiled during the March 8 event at the earliest. However, the event’s “Peek performance” slogan does not seem to have been answered by the Mac mini.

A 27-inch iMac with M-series processors is what we believe Apple will do in order to complete its shift from Intel to its own silicon. Currently, only the 24-inch iMac is powered by Apple’s own CPUs.

The Mac Pro, the company’s high-end desktop, also requires an upgrade from Apple. Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference in early June might be a better venue for a computer powered by M.

Reintroduction of the iMac Pro and the Mac Pro are also being rumored, although Kuo thinks this won’t happen until 2023.

Confidence is at a low level. Even while I doubt a new Mac beyond the high-end Mac mini (Mac mini Pro?) would appear, everything is possible.

Another item, if you’d want to know

It seems that Apple is implying that a high-powered smartphone is in the works by using the phrase “Peek performance” in their announcement. Therefore far, we have no idea what Apple is talking about, so I’m being vague here. But neither is likely to break new ground in terms of performance, so we’ll have to wait and see what Apple has in store for us. What is it, then??

To bridge the gap between its tiny and pro models, Apple might be showing off a desktop called the “Mac Studio.” One version of the Studio is said to have an M1 Max chip while another is rumored to have a more powerful CPU. With 40 CPU cores and 128 GPU cores, Gurman’s prior claim that Apple is developing a “smaller Mac Pro” is supported here. By comparison, the Intel-powered high-end Mac mini is predicted to be replaced by this new device.

A headgear for virtual and augmented reality is expected from Apple in the next several years, as we’ve heard. So that developers can begin creating applications for the new platform, Google will have to announce its intentions at some point in the future.

Peek performance might also suggest that the iPhone SE and iPad Air will be able to use 5G. We’d like to think otherwise.