The CLCKR MagSafe Stand and Grip is the best way to keep your iPhone safe and secure while using it

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image : CLCKR – iPhones are useful for a wide range of things. In addition to watching movies and making video chats, many individuals now use their smartphones to capture pictures and record videos. The manner you hold your iPhone will depend on what you’re using it for. Selfies require a careful balancing act that frequently ends in the iPhone falling to the ground when you’re holding it away from your body while still pressing the button, for example.

With the CLCKR MagSafe Stand and Grip, switching from one iPhone orientation to the other is as easy as pie. No matter whether you’re holding it in landscape or portrait mode, this iPhone grip attaches seamlessly to your MagSafe case for a smooth experience. These are the characteristics and capabilities of this iPhone stand and grip.

Magnesium clip for MagSafe-compliant bags

CLCKR MagSafe Stand and Grip is equipped with a 3500G magnet, which is exceptionally powerful. If you have an iPhone 12/13 MagSafe-compatible case, you may easily attach it to your phone and get connected right away. Even with a lot of power, the magnet is strong enough to stay linked, so you’ll have to use intentional effort to separate them. This guarantees that your iPhone’s MagSafe-compatible case has a strong, reliable connection.

Once you’ve opened the lid, click it into position

The CLCKR MagSafe Stand and Grip may be used in a matter of seconds. The CLCKR strap can easily be opened and snapped into position behind your iPhone with a simple click. You may now use it as a stand or as a hand grip. In order to charge your iPhone, you merely need to unscrew the CLCKR from its MagSafe case.

Almost imperceptible in thickness

Designed to be as small is possible, the CLCKR MagSafe Stand and Grip is hardly noticeable when you’re not using your phone. This allows you to carry it in your pocket or purse as if it were unattached.

To put it another way, you can utilize the Stand and Grip when you need to hold on firmly yet leave it out of sight when not in use.

Hands-free FaceTiming with the Portrait Stand

In this scenario, assume that you’re working on your computer or cooking while also having a FaceTime video conversation. You can’t hold the phone for the whole length of the call in such case. The chance of your iPhone falling face down and breaking the screen if you support it against another surface may be mitigated by using a stand.

In order to use your iPhone in portrait mode, you may use the CLCKR MagSafe Stand and Grip. With FaceTime, you may chat with friends, family, or coworkers without having to use your hands. It’s possible to multitask and keep your iPhone from sliding down or dropping face down while cooking, reading or using your computer, for example, using this gadget.

For enjoying your favorite programs in the comfort of your own backyard

Watching films and movies on an iPhone is a frequent activity. Keeping a phone in your hand while you’re watching a movie might be very tedious. Most people use other things as props for their iPhones, which is a crude workaround since the iPhone may keep sliding down, disrupting your movie-watching experience.

You can now watch movies on your iPhone with the CLCKR MagSafe Stand and Grip. As soon as you snap it into position, it morphs into a landscape-friendly stand. CLCKR may be used as a tabletop stand for your iPhone, allowing you to place it horizontally on a surface. If you don’t want to worry about the iPhone dropping face-down or sliding down, you can watch a movie without using your hands.

Secure hold to keep your phone from slipping out of your hands

Taking a selfie with an iPhone is by far the most popular sort of picture taken using an iPhone. Hold your iPhone away from your body and use one of your fingers to hit the camera button either on the screen or on one of the iPhone’s sides to take a selfie Some individuals are able to do this maneuver effortlessly, while others find it almost impossible.

There’s a chance that the iPhone might fall out of your hands, regardless of whether you’re able to capture a flawless selfie. Even if you don’t use your iPhone to take selfies, it’s possible that you may accidentally drop it while scrolling through your phone or texting with one hand alone. Maintaining a secure hold on your iPhone is impossible without a solid and secure grip.

MagSafe Stand and Grip from Clckr acts as the ideal holding surface for the iPhone 7. Unless you apply force, the case won’t come away from your iPhone after you’ve clicked it into position. You don’t have to worry about the iPhone sliding out of your hands when you take a selfie since it won’t break. After a long time, you finally feel at ease.

Antimicrobial phone protection

Because we often touch our phones to our lips and ears, they are a breeding ground for deadly germs and viruses. On the phone, microorganisms from your body might multiply. CLCKR MagSafe Stand and Grip includes an antimicrobial surface that inhibits the collection and development of germs, keeping your device entirely clean and bacteria-free.

CLCKR MagSafe Stand and Grip, as you can see, has a number of advantages for iPhones. The MagSafe Stand and Grip is a convenient and secure way to view movies, FaceTime, take pictures, or just skim through your phone’s text messages.