What Would a Meowing Shutter Button on the Nikon Z9 Be Like?

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Photo: Nikon

techno.rentetan.com – Custom noises may now be activated when the shutter button is touched on a new Nikon camera function. Nikon’s focus on DSLRs has forced the business to compete with Sony, Canon, and even Fujifilm in the mirrorless camera industry, which is expanding at an ever-increasing rate. A new feature, the ability to customize the sound of the shutter button, might shift Nikon’s market share tides. The Nikon Z9, unveiled last year, wasn’t nearly the runaway smash the business required.

There are many reasons why mirrorless cameras still utilize mechanical shutters, but electronic shutters are becoming more and more helpful since they let photographers to record many shots at high frame rates (up to 20 fps with the Z9), making sure the right moment isn’t missed. As a result, Nikon omitted the mechanical shutter from the $5,500 full-frame Z9, therefore decreasing the number and complexity of moving components. But the absence of a mechanical shutter means that there is no sound of a mechanical shutter snapping into action when a shot is taken: something Nikon may spin into a positive rather than a negative.

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At the CP+ 2022 Camera & Photo Imaging Show, Nikon showcased a unique feature in beta firmware running on a Z9, which you can hear in action at approximately the 1 hour and 35-second point of the presentation that is now available for viewing on YouTube.

When the shutter was hit, the camera meowed, and when the shutter button was kept down, the camera played a fast sequence of meow noises while it shot images one after the other. According to a translation provided by a Nikon Rumors reader, the beta firmware includes additional sound effects not featured in the presentation, such as noises captured from an actual Nikon D750 DSLR or Nikon F4 film SLR, as well as sounds created by the presenter.

In addition, the beta firmware enabled the shutter sound to be randomly selected from all the available settings on the camera for photographers seeking for a little of whimsy as they shoot. However, Nikon did not disclose whether or not the shutter sound effects function will be included in the Z9’s official firmware in a later version, but it’s clearly contemplating it. If nothing else, the inclusion of Easter Eggs in your devices is a fun feature, but it doesn’t seem to have any real-world applications at this time. Using a cat’s meow to induce a child to grin may assist, but the shot has already been taken at that moment.