Elden Ring’s Auto-Save bug may be fixed by following these instructions (and Other Common Issues)

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techno.rentetan.com – Elden Ring is a fantastic game, but problems may derail the experience for certain players. Elden Ring, one of the year’s most anticipated video games, has finally been released. On Metacritic and OpenCritic, it has one of the highest aggregate review ratings of all time, yet even those perfect scores couldn’t have predicted Elden Ring’s launch-day performance troubles.

Is there a problem with Elden Ring’s PlayStation 5 save data?

Players should be aware of some issues before traveling into the Lands Between, although it’s not as bad as some new games may be on their first day. For example, a flaw in PlayStation 5 creates problems with saved data. There seems to be a problem with how data is saved or not saved by the game. Data may be lost if Elden Ring is shut down through the PS5 menu, or even if the console is in rest mode while in-game, if it is closed without saving. In the meanwhile, save and exit from the main menu before shutting the game or turning off your PS5 is the best way to prevent this problem until FromSoftware fixes it in a future patch.

Fixable issues with the Elden Ring for players

Patching Elden Ring will address several of the game’s most significant flaws, including the graphical hitching and lag experienced by certain PC gamers. However, the game may be restarted to remedy a variety of minor issues, such as:

  • Inputs from the controller and keyboard are not being recognized.
  • Misbehaving NPCs or non-appearance of interaction cues.
  • It’s not possible to access the game’s menus.
  • Load times that are abnormally lengthy when traveling at high speeds.
  • Graphical bugs, such as missing or incorrectly rendered game elements and NPCs.

It’s worth noting that if you’re playing on PC, you may need to relaunch Steam or reset your console.

When the game’s servers are overcrowded and you cannot play online co-op, you may have to wait until the network congestion clears before rebooting to fix network difficulties like the “Network status check failed” notice.

As long as you like FromSoftware’s style of hard action RPGs, Elden Ring is a worthy addition to your collection. A bad that the game’s debut was a little bumpier than expected, but maybe future updates will fix these flaws.