In only 15 minutes, Oppo’s new 150W fast charging can fully recharge your phone

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image: Oppo – The new standard can also charge a phone to half of its capacity in only five minutes, making it even faster than the old one. Even if batteries are still bad, any advancements in capacity or charging time will get attention. Oppo will be showcasing its new 150W SuperVOOC charging standard at Mobile World Congress 2022, which begins this week in Barcelona. The firm claims that an almost dead smartphone can be totally revived in only 25 minutes.

By now, we’ve all simply accepted that our smart gadgets’ batteries must be carefully rationed throughout the day, boosted with external batteries or continually topped up through the endless search for power outlets, an inconvenience that frequent fliers are all too familiar with.

When a smartphone with a 4,500 mAh battery is equipped with 150W SuperVOOC, which is expected to be introduced on an upcoming OnePlus (a sub-brand of Oppo) smartphone later this year, it can charge from 0% to 50% in just five minutes, while the final 50% to a full charge takes an additional 10 minutes. The Verge points out that Oppo hasn’t published what charging times are like if you’re charging a fully dead phone from zero percent.

What makes the new 150W SuperVOOC standard so fascinating is that it can safely charge a battery while without drastically shortening its lifespan. OPO’s “Battery Health Engine” allows charging to be tailored depending on battery chemistry and how much power is required. There is no guarantee that maximum charging rates will be achieved every time the charger is attached, but Oppo has assured that batteries charged using the 150W SuperVOOC technology would still keep 80 percent of their original capacity after 1,600 charge cycles.

image : Oppo

Even while Apple’s 140W SuperVOOC power supply for its newest MacBook Pros is marginally smaller, the new 150W adapter is much bigger than the adapters that arrive standard with most smartphones today, making it less handy to tuck into a coat pocket when you’re headed out.