As of this writing, you may stream Twitch from your Xbox once again

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Image: Hopix Art (Shutterstock) – The guide menu on your Xbox may now be used to go live on Twitch. Xbox systems have re-enabled Twitch broadcasting. On Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles, gamers can now watch and broadcast on Twitch straight from their dashboards without the need for additional hardware or applications. On Xbox consoles, Xbox users may now get alerts on their consoles when streamers they follow are active.

As much as we’d want it to be back, Twitch integration on Xbox One and Series X/S is still a step in the right direction.

How to connect your Xbox One account to Twitch

  1. Tab over to “Capture and Share” in your Xbox One or Series X/S guide.
  2. “Live Streaming” is the option.
  3. The option to connect your Twitch account will be presented to you. Scan the QR code with your smartphone or input URL on your PC or other internet-connected device to complete this step.
  4. Following any on-screen prompts, log into Twitch and finish the procedure.
  5. It’s possible to get alerts on your Xbox when a streamer you’ve subscribed to goes live after your accounts are connected. In Xbox settings, go to preferences, then notifications, then turn it on.

How to stream from an Xbox console to Twitch

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  1. Get your microphone/headset and camera (if you have one) hooked up to your console.
  2. Select “Live Streaming” from the “Capture and Share” option in the Xbox guide.
  3. Your microphone and gaming audio levels and mixing may be adjusted, as well as your video bitrate and resolution settings, via a pop-up window that will appear.
  4. Select “Go Live” when you’re satisfied with your settings and you’re live on Twitch.

There are fewer customization choices and transitions available when streaming from an Xbox than when streaming from an external PC or laptop, but it is a far easier process. In addition to the on-screen chat and viewer count via the Xbox guide, you can now alter your mic and video choices on the fly in the Xbox guide. You may also hide your console’s video feed when you visit the menus to alter settings or switch to a different game, which helps keep your identity hidden while you stream.