Playstation VR2 Headset from Sony

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Image: Sony – Sony promises a “heightened variety of experiences unlike any other” with its new VR headset. We now get our first look at the PlayStation VR2 and the Sense 2 controllers up up and personal, thanks to a new set of images from Sony. The lens adjustment dial and a revised vent design give the headset a similar appearance to the previous generation.

With its “orb” form, the PSVR2’s Sense controller mirrors the 360-degree perspective players have while using virtual reality. While the original PS4 headset had a black-and-white color scheme, PlayStation Senior Vice President Hideaki Nishino said in a blog post that the new model had “smoother curves” (like the DualSense controller) and an all-white front cover. The PS5 and DualSense controllers also include those small PlayStation emblems if you look at them using a magnifying glass.

It’s our objective to design a headset that will not only become an appealing part of your living room décor, but will also keep you engrossed in your gaming world, to the point where you nearly forget you are wearing a headset.” Since different people have different head shapes and sizes, we tested the headset extensively to guarantee that everyone could use it comfortably.

Image: Sony

With the lens adjustment slider included in the PSVR 2, users may fine-tune the distance between their lenses to their preferred comfort level. In addition to being lighter and smaller, this headset is also more comfortable than the previous model. In addition, a new vent design is intended to increase airflow and keep the headset cool while you’re gaming for long periods of time. Stereo headphones and an adjustable scope are also carried over from the original PSVR.

First time we’ve seen the PSVR 2 since Sony debuted the headset in January. With this new USB-C cable and a new built-in motor, haptic feedback, eye tracking, 4K HDR, 90 or 120Hz frame rates, foveated rendering, and a field of vision of 110 degrees we learnt at the time. Sony claims the headgear would provide “a heightened variety of sensations unlike any other” because to the controller’s adjustable triggers and haptic feedback.

It’s been five years since Sony released its first VR headset for the PlayStation 4, now it’s time for a replacement. While Sony was one of the first firms to have commercial success in virtual reality, their headgear has been overtaken by more powerful devices like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. However, Sony has the benefit of being the exclusive publisher of the PS5 hardware and its titles, such as Horizon Call of the Mountain, a VR adventure game based in the Horizon world that is currently in development.

To present, no release date or price information has been made available for the PSVR 2 headset from Sony, which might make it as difficult to obtain as the system it interfaces with.