How to Update Your Old iPhone to the Latest Software and Security Features

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Photo: Lukas Gojda (Shutterstock) – In spite of Apple’s efforts to get you to buy a new phone, it continues to provide software upgrades for older models. Congratulation for not succumbing to the peer pressure to upgrade to the newest, shiniest iPhone model. In addition to poorer performance and out-of-date features, Apple is claimed to support iPhones with iOS updates for about seven years—far longer than a one-to-two year upgrade cycle.

As a result, if you’re using an iPhone 6S that was released in 2015, Apple will continue to send updates, including security patches, for iOS 15 (the newest version of iOS).

A security upgrade (12.5.5) was published for the iPhone 5S in September 2021 for anyone still holding on to their 2013 models.

The question is whether or not your ancient iPhones require software and security upgrades

Cons for older phones: Small flaws and security risks are increased as they grow farther away from the most recent version of iOS and are thus less likely to be fixed. Is there anything to be gained? As long as you don’t care about the latest, fanciest features or hardware updates, you may keep using gadgets for a long time.

Whether you have an older iPhone, how can you tell if Apple will support it? On Apple’s website, you can look up the current operating system for your device and the date it was introduced. You can find out what each OS update is supposed to solve by clicking through.

How to upgrade an older iPhone to the latest version

Auto-updates of the iOS may be turned on or off. Check your device’s Settings > General > Software Update to check whether a new version of iOS is available. To put it simply, you may do so now. It’s also possible to get this information by going to the “Automatic updates” section, where you may download and install iOS updates.

It is possible to update or restore your iPhone while it’s in recovery mode and linked to your computer using Apple’s troubleshooting instructions.

Make sure you have the most recent version of Apple’s mobile operating system installed on your phone or tablet. Checking for and installing updates as soon as they become available is always a good idea.