You may use your PS5, Xbox, and other “unsupported” controllers to play on the Nintendo Switch

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Photo: Natsia27 (Shutterstock) – You’re not a fan of the standard Switch controllers, are you? If you prefer a non-Nintendo controller, here’s how to accomplish it. The Nintendo Switch’s dual console/handheld nature allows for a wide range of gameplay options. If you want to play on the go, you may do so in portable or tabletop modes. The Nintendo Switch may also be used with a variety of controllers from both the Nintendo and third-party manufacturers. It’s simple to find a comfortable arrangement with these alternatives, but what if you want to play your Nintendo Switch games with a PS4 or PS5 controller or an Xbox gamepad? The answer is a resounding yes.

As a matter of principle, this is not feasible. Sony and Microsoft employ input drivers that are not normally supported by the Nintendo Switch. It’s possible to force a PlayStation or Xbox controller to work with your Nintendo Switch provided you’re ready to fork over a few dollars.

Third-party adapter called Mayflash Magic NS is required to connect PlayStation or Xbox controllers to Nintendo Switch. Using the accompanying USB dongle, you may daisy chain this USB wireless dongle to your Switch’s USB-C port while you’re playing on the go. The Magic NS 1 ($20 on Amazon) and Magic NS 2 ($22 on Amazon) variants of the gadget are available. Many controller APIs, such as DInput and XInput, are already supported by Either. Controllers from PlayStation 3, 4, and 5 may be used on both models, although only the Magic NS 2 can use Xbox controllers.

There are, of course, certain compromises in this situation. The PS5’s DualSense’s haptic triggers, for example, won’t function with the Switch since no Switch titles are designed to take use of such capabilities. However, controllers that have motion and gyro controls should work.

Playing Nintendo Switch games using a non-Switch controller, such a PS5 or Xbox One controller, may be a little disconcerting. To further complicate matters, even if you change the Switch’s universal button mapping settings under System Settings> Controllers and Sensors> Change Button Mapping, the in-game button icons will not match those of your non-Switch controller. However, the setup process is straightforward.

There are certain third-party controllers that will not function with the Magic NS dongle, but for those who want to play their Switch with their chosen controller, this is a good workaround.