Directly save files to your computer from Microsoft Office is an option that may be enabled (Instead of OneDrive)

by - – If you don’t want your Office documents to be stored on OneDrive, follow these steps. As a user of Microsoft Office, you’ll have observed that these programs attempt to store all of your files to OneDrive. As a cloud storage service, it’s ideal for certain users since it saves a copy of their files online. However, if you want to keep your Office files on your computer, or if you use a cloud storage service like Google Drive, you should compel Office to save your files to your PC.

Sadly, OneDrive has been tied to the really helpful auto-save function of Microsoft. Your documents must be manually saved again if you begin storing them anywhere other than OneDrive. Using Ctrl + S over and over again is cumbersome, and it compels you to go back to your previous habits. Because of this, most users should continue with OneDrive.

If that’s not an option, you may change the default save location for all Microsoft Office files. The best way to achieve this is to launch the Office application that you use most often. File > Options in Word, Excel or PowerPoint is where you’ll find all of the options for the application.

Click Save in the left pane of the Word preferences in Microsoft Word. Enable the option to save documents to a computer by default in the right-hand pane. You can then choose the default place for saving Word files by clicking Browse next to Default save file location. To have Microsoft Word start saving files to your computer automatically, click OK and restart the program.

Making ensuring that AutoRecover is configured properly is important now that you can’t instantly save every little modification. You can go back to the most recent version of your work if Word crashes suddenly and AutoRecover kicks in. Every ten minutes, AutoRecover makes a backup copy of your document. To reduce the risk of major data loss, you should reduce this to one minute.

Using Microsoft Word, go to File > Options and then choose the Save option on your left. Click the box next to Save AutoRecover information every time in the right pane. Changing the number from 10 to 1 is all that is required.