More information on the Redmi K50 gaming phone, which will have 120W fast charging, has been released

by - – Earlier this week, Redmi revealed further details about its K50 game phone, which will be officially unveiled on February 16 in China. However, new information about the gaming device has been teased by the Xiaomi spinoff brand ahead of that unveiling.

The addition of 120W super rapid charging is the primary feature that leaps out at you from the specification sheets. Apart from the fact that it will charge extremely quickly – it should take around 15 minutes to charge the 4700mAh battery nearly to capacity – the phone is also said to come with a “L-shaped” charging cable, which will allow gamers to leave the phone plugged in while they play their favorite games.

As previously reported, however, one of the main attractions of the K50 is its special edition tie-in with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One team, with a limited edition design also being made available – although it is unclear in what quantities this will be available.

Other notable features of the K50 device include JBL sound with Dolby Atmos, which is important since, after all, what is a gaming phone without amazing sound? The IMX596 sensor from Sony is reported to be the first to be used in a smartphone, thus it may perform better than others when it comes to photographing objects in low light.

Often, Redmi’s K series is close to the Xiaomi flagship of the same year, but the K50 is less of a reflection of the Xiaomi 12 or 12 Pro than you would expect from a phone in the same price range. Because of this, the gaming perspective is being used to give it an even more distinctive spin.

On the surface, it seems like there isn’t much more to divulge, but we will find out more on February 16th. Given the Petronas special edition, one has to question whether the introduction would coincide with the China F1 race scheduled for April this year in the country.