Keep Your Mac’s Mic Closed When You’re Done with a Call

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Photo: ymphotos (Shutterstock) – After the meeting is over, you have nothing else to say. “Did I leave the meeting? Can they still hear me?” is the first thought that comes to mind when a video conference stops. It is safe to say that if you were able to finish the phone conversation, you are now free to engage in any loud activity you like. The problem, though, is that Zoom has a flaw that might cause you to feel like you’re still on the phone even after the conversation is terminated.

For months, Zoom customers have been reporting that their microphones remain on after the end of a video chat. In other words, how do all of these people know their microphones are on? You may now notice an orange dot in your menu bar, near to Control Center, thanks to the privacy enhancements in macOS Monterey. You can even check which app is presently utilizing the microphone if you click on Control Center. When Zoom was the offender in these circumstances, it was not something you want to see after a conversation.

It’s possible that those on the other end of phone calls heard their Mac counterparts after they left the meeting, but we haven’t heard anything yet. In any event, this problem is a reason for alarm since we entrust our cameras and microphones to these programs. Access to their services should be terminated when we no longer use them. When Zoom has access to the microphone after the conversation, even if it is an unintentional error, this is a privacy violation. Fortunately, the problem was quickly identified and remedied.

How to turn off Zoom’s microphone once a call has ended

Zoom has released an update to fix this problem for the time being. No longer will the microphone remain open after a call has ended in Zoom version 5.9.3. Updates may be found by clicking “” in the top-left corner of your Zoom window and selecting “Check for Updates.” If you haven’t upgraded yet, 5.9.3 should be available. The “You are up to date” pop-up indicates that you have automatic updates installed and that you are good to go (more on that below).

Updates may be reviewed by clicking “Update,” then “Install.” Then follow the on-screen directions to install the update on your Mac. Relaunch Zoom when the process is complete so that you may choose whether or not to automatically download and install any future updates. Keep this option selected and click “Done” if you want to make sure your Zoom client is always running the most recent patches and updates.