To Prevent Your MacBook’s Battery from Depleting Overnight, Install This Update

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Photo: Pachai Leknettip (Shutterstock) – Bluetooth devices might deplete your MacBook’s battery because of a flaw in macOS 12.2. For lengthy periods of time, a MacBook may be used and slept on without having to be plugged into the charger. It appears that MacBooks of all sorts are draining quickly, and you can open your fully charged MacBook to discover it utterly dead, without any obvious reason. Now that we know what’s causing the problem, we can also figure out how to remedy it.

It seems that macOS 12.2 is to blame. On Jan. 26, Apple delivered an update that had a problem that drained the battery. Bluetooth devices regularly wake up your MacBook, draining your battery excessively when your Mac should be saving energy in sleep mode, on Apple silicon and Intel-based Macs. Your MacBook may be fully charged when you go to sleep, only to wake up with a dead battery because your AirPods, Magic Mouse, or other Bluetooth-enabled gadgets wanted to keep the party going all night.

This is a big improvement over the previous advise, which required you to turn off Bluetooth every time you shut down your Mac. Today, Apple launched macOS 12.2.1, which eliminates that inconvenience (Feb. 10). In addition to patching security updates, 12.2.1 adds one new feature: It fixes an issue that drains the battery of Bluetooth devices.

Stopping your MacBook’s battery from dying at night

Open System Preferences and select Software Update to get macOS 12.2.1. Click the Update Now button when your Mac has started up. “Automatically keep my Mac updated” is enabled, and this update will be installed automatically in the near future. This patch only affects MacBooks (because iMacs, Mac minis, and Mac Pros don’t have batteries) and is accessible to all Macs running macOS Monterey.

The assumption here is that the only problem with your MacBook’s battery was caused by the flaw in macOS 12.2. Keep looking for the source of the power drain if it persists even after an update to your Mac. It’s possible that all you need is a new battery for your computer, which you can get for free from Apple if your model supports it.