Everything You Need to Know About Android 13 (So Far)

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In the near future, you may be able to get your hands on a device running Android 13. Eventually. Image copyright Florence Ion / Gizmodo

techno.rentetan.com – The first developer beta of Android 13 has been released. There are still a lot of phones that haven’t received the latest version of Android, but the firm is already working on Android 13. Developers now get their hands on the first developer preview of the next-generation Android OS, which includes new privacy protections and a more user-friendly layout.

For the normal disclaimers, please don’t use the developer betas on a regular basis, but rather for testing reasons until Google sorts out the quirks in the system. The Pixel 4, 5, and 6 can all be rooted using Google’s instructions, if you’re interested. If you’re inquisitive, you may begin your exploration here.

We’ve narrowed it down to the most intriguing aspects of the next version of Android, which are mostly developer-facing. An early look at what’s in store.

Send Pictures One By One

Android 13 will have a new picture picker API from Google. When used in this way, it’s like a cloak to keep your files and directories hidden. Similar to Google Drive’s document picker API, which allows you to share a particular document with an app without allowing full access to the directory, this API allows you to do the same with a single file. To avoid allowing an app access to your whole camera roll, you may share individual photographs with an app that is saved locally or in the cloud. This functionality is also available in Apple’s iOS.)

Google wants to provide the picture picker experience to Android devices running Android 11 and higher through Google Play system upgrades. Android Go devices are not included in this list.

You-Themed Icons of Better Quality

Themed icons for Android 13 are seen here. Image courtesy of Google

The Material You theming on Android will be easier to work with now that developers have additional tools at their disposal. The Material You color palette may be “inherited” by enabling a themed app icon in Android 13’s Material Design. In other words, the icons will reflect the overall appearance and feel of the interface. Because of the absence of matching icons in Android 12, I haven’t been eager to return to a Pixel smartphone. I demand that the icons all look the same!) On the Pixel smartphones initially, you’ll see these new styled app icons.

Quick Settings Placement API is now included in Android 13 to make it simpler for you to identify which applications offer changeable Quick Tiles. It’s also possible for app developers to activate a popup that asks you to choose your favorite language each time an app is installed, which is useful for those who speak many languages.

Google Play will continue to provide further updates

To ensure that devices running various versions of Android can take advantage of new features, Google has worked diligently over the years to streamline app upgrades via the Google Play store. Project Mainline, a new initiative for Android 13, is a continuation of this endeavor. Updates to the Play Store will provide new functionality, such as the picture selector described above. Aside from Bluetooth and ultra-wideband capabilities, this is how the business intends to update Android devices in the future.

Optimized for the Largest Format

There’s a big difference between 12L and 13L: 12L was designed for huge displays and foldable devices, whereas 13L will be optimized for tablets, foldables and Chromebooks from the start. Only that information is available at this time. We expect to learn more in the months to come.

The final release of Android 13 is expected to take place somewhere in July of 2022, according to Google. For every new generation of Android, the final version is generally released around the time of the following Pixel phone. Because Android 12 was such a significant update, Android 13 is expected to feature less significant improvements. In the next months, we’ll keep an eye out for the most significant changes that you should be aware of.