Finally, You Don’t Have to Remove Your Mask to Use Face ID

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Photo: PeskyMonkey (Shutterstock) – Use Face ID without removing your mask or using an Apple Watch by upgrading to iOS 15.4 Beta on your iPhone or iPad. When your iPhone can see your face, Face ID is a nice function to have on your phone. In addition to protecting yourself from COVID, a mask prevents you from unlocking your phone by just looking at the screen. People with Apple Watches now have a solution to this dilemma, but what about those of us without one?

Now that you can text your pal while wearing a mask, you don’t need a premium Apple Watch on top of a pricey iPhone.” In order to use a face covering to unlock your iPhone, you must meet two requirements, according to Apple.

For starters, make sure your phone is up to date with iOS 12. In addition to the iPhone X and XS, there are now the iPhone XS Mini and XS Max. Older iPhones, i.e. those running iOS 11 or earlier, do not have compatibility for the new Face ID mask functionality. With an Apple Watch, the functionality is of course available at all times.

iOS 15.4 is needed as a second prerequisite. New emojis and a Face ID enhancement are two of the new features included in this update for iPhone. However, the update hasn’t been released yet. Installing iOS 15.4 and using mask-supported Face ID need enrolling your iPhone in the iOS 15.4 beta program. Detailed instructions on how to accomplish this may be found here.

How to unlock your iPhone while wearing a face mask

As a result, your iPhone is now running iOS 15.4. When the computer restarts, check for the automated splash screen that asks whether you want to use Face ID with a mask. Accept the pop-up and then follow the on-screen directions to rescan your face once again.. If you wear glasses, you’ll need to take multiple face scans for each pair to ensure the feature is as accurate as possible.

Face ID will now unlock your iPhone whether or not you’re wearing a mask going forward. You should be aware that this function reduces Face ID’s security. You should be aware of this choice before making a final decision on whether or not to use Face ID exclusively, even if Apple doesn’t indicate how much it undermines the security of the technology.

Still, there is no security mechanism that is flawless. This is a little price to pay to ensure that my iPhone will unlock the next time I see it. People who still use masks are likely to feel the same way.