Apps Can Now Be Pinned to Windows Desktop for Easy Access

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Photo: sdx15 (Shutterstock) – How to always have the most essential windows at the top of the list..? Keeping Microsoft Word open while taking notes from a Zoom or YouTube presentation is now possible. Using Microsoft’s PowerToys for Windows, notably the Always On Top application, you can now pin your most critical windows so that they remain (temporarily) on top of all the others.

Add-on utility Always On Top is the newest addition to the collection of PowerToys products that make Windows more user-friendly. PowerToys may be installed by downloading the setup file from the GitHub page for the software.

As soon as you’ve completed the installation of PowerToys, make sure Enable Always On Top is selected in the right pane by clicking Always On Top in the left pane. You may pin any window to the screen with the Windows Key + Control+T shortcut. Alternatively, you may adjust this under the Always On Top portion of the PowerToys application. Just remember that your own keyboard shortcut must begin with Shift, Control, Alt, or Windows Key.)

Make sure the program you want to pin is the current one, then use the keyboard shortcut to do so.. Pin the app to the screen and you’ll see a blue border around the window and hear a chime to let you know it’s done. It’ll remain in place till you take it out. It’s as simple as pressing Windows+Control+T to unpin a program from the screen.

Additional customization options for Always On Top may be found in the PowerToys app. Window borders may be changed or removed, depending on your preferences. PowerToys allows you to turn off the sound that plays when a feature is activated as well.

Additionally, you may specify which applications should never be pinned to the home screen using the Excluded apps section. In order to use these applications, you’ll have to enter in the process name rather than selecting them from a list. It’s necessary to write firefox.exe in order to omit it from the list.