You may use this guide to install Xbox Game Pass games in a specific folder on your PC

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Photo: EKKAPHAN CHIMPALEE (Shutterstock) – Do not allow Game Pass destroy your computer’s neatly structured structure. There are a few drawbacks to using Xbox Game Pass on a PC. Only one drive may be selected as the default location for the Xbox app’s games; you can’t specify an other location. There are methods to get past this constraint if you like to arrange your items in a more systematic fashion.

Before you may use a custom directory for your Game Pass games, you must first upgrade the Xbox software to the beta stage. The stable release may have this functionality in the future, however as of this writing, the beta build is the only option. Installing beta builds comes with the risk of app instability. Expect more problems and app crashes than normal. We haven’t had any concerns with this beta release, but it’s always a good idea to be mindful of the potential dangers.

Installing Xbox Insider Hub on your PC will allow you to upgrade to the beta version of the Xbox app.

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It’s easy to access the previews by clicking the left pane’s Previews tab. Finally, under the box labeled Available, you may pick Windows Gaming.

Click Join to join the Windows Gaming preview. It will change from Manage to Pending while the procedure is being completed. Close the Xbox Insider Hub when you’re finished.

The Library tab in the left pane of Microsoft Store may be accessed by clicking on it. You’ll notice Gaming Services on the right pane in a few seconds. You won’t have to do anything except sit back and wait for it to do its job.

Restart the Xbox app now that Gaming Services has been installed. Select Settings by clicking the profile symbol in the top bar, which is adjacent to the minimize button.

Navigate to the left pane of the Xbox app settings and choose the General option. Toward the bottom of the right pane, look for the Game installation choices. You have the option to make this happen. You may install games in any folder you desire using extensive installation and administration capabilities.

Select from the drop-down menu below if this option is enabled. Change the default location of this app’s game installations. All of your computer’s drives are now accessible. Click the Change Folder button in the box below the drive selection drop-down menu when you’re done. You may now install your games in any location on your computer by navigating to the desired folder.