Wifi Password Sharing between Android and Chromebooks is in the works

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Your Chromebook will soon be able to use Nearby Share in a more friendlier manner. Image copyright Florence Ion / Gizmodo

techno.rentetan.com – According to reports, Google’s AirDrop-like file-sharing capability is becoming much better. One of the reasons Apple gadgets are so popular is because they all function together so well. AirDropping images to pals is a breeze, as is passing wifi credentials back and forth between iPhone and Mac. You can now share files, photos, and apps with other Bluetooth-enabled devices using Google’s Nearby Share service. In the near future, Nearby Share will allow you to communicate your Chromebook’s wifi credentials from your Android phone.

In the most recent Chromium repository, proof of Google’s work on wifi network sharing across several devices was discovered by Chrome Story. You can get to a secret menu called chrome:/flags by entering chrome:/ in the Chrome browser on Chrome OS, according to 9to5Google. “Nearby Sharing Receive WiFi Credentials” is the name given to this function.

As soon as you’ve activated Nearby Share, you’ll be able to digitally transmit the wifi network name and its security type through Nearby Share. For example, a Chromebook that receives login credentials will be able to enter a wifi network at a friend’s home much quicker than before.

For Android devices, it’s not apparent whether Chromebook’s wifi credentials may be shared with Android devices. Nevertheless, Google has been working on enhancing wireless compatibility between Chrome OS and Android devices. Acer and HP Chromebook users will be able to set up a brand new Chromebook with an Android phone sometime in the near future, Google revealed earlier this year.

Microsoft’s Windows operating system already employs a version of the wireless sharing standard that depends on the same protocols as Nearby Share, which is extending to the platform. Using FairPair, you’ll be able to pair Bluetooth gadgets and sync text messages between your Android smartphone and the PC you have at hand, providing for greater interoperability.

We have no idea when this functionality will be implemented. If the schedule holds, we might see wifi credentials for Nearby Share as early as March, when Chrome 100 is scheduled to be released.