As a result of Apple’s most recent acquisition, changes may be in store for Apple Music

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Photo: Phillip Tracy/Gizmodo – The computer giant has recently purchased a business that utilizes artificial intelligence to rework tunes. Apple has just bought AI Music, a business that uses artificial intelligence to combine together sounds from royalty-free music to create soundtracks. Unnamed sources have told Bloomberg that the acquisition of the London-based business was finalized in the last few weeks.

The startup’s website has been taken down, but a cached version demonstrates how AI Music and its “Infinite Music Engine” modify and adapt music for publishers, marketers, fitness gurus, and other professions. Even music might be tailored to your pulse according to the new technology. According to AI Music’s LinkedIn profile, it wants to “provide customers the ability to pick the music they want, seamlessly adjusted to match their requirements, or develop dynamic solutions that adapt to fit their audiences.”

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According to AI Music’s CEO Siavash Mahdavi, the company is reshaping music rather than creating it from scratch. Increasing the pace of a song while jogging or slowing it down when strolling are two approaches. Advanced apps may use artificial intelligence (AI) to modify an old music and then allow you swipe left or right to hear a new version. This apparently suggests that you may use AI to make a song from a genre you don’t often listen to meet your tastes.

In other words, “contextual AI. When you get up in the morning, you may listen to a music that is a little bit more acoustic,” explained Mahdavi. “Maybe that same music when you’re preparing to go to the gym, it’s a deep-house or drum’n’bass version. In the evening, the music is a little more jazzy, however. The tune may truly change. The whole genre or the key it’s performed in may change.”

To learn more about this deal, we’ll have to wait for a statement from Apple, which has refused to comment on the matter. While we can’t say for sure how Apple Music will include artificial intelligence, it’s possible. Aside from copyright issues, utilizing AI to remix current music (assuming that is the approach Apple pursues) would create a lot of legal difficulties as well.

Aside from creating soundtracks for programs on Apple TV+, Apple Fitness+, or marketing material, this song-altering AI might be used by Apple to produce soundtracks for Apple TV+ shows, exercise music for Apple Fitness+, or background tracks.

Apple discreetly acquired the historic music provider Primephonic in August of last year, bolstering its music streaming service. According to Bloomberg, Apple has only completed a small number of purchases in the last year.