Chrome 98’s New Features Worth a Try

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Photo: monticello (Shutterstock) – Get the latest version of Chrome immediately so you can take use of these new features. Chrome gets another another upgrade this month. On February 1, Chrome 98 will be sent out to all Chrome users worldwide, making it the latest version of the browser. The built-in screenshot tool and enhanced emojis are just two of the enticing new features you’ll have access to after the update. Some adjustments, though, won’t be immediately apparent and will need some experimentation.

We now know precisely what to anticipate when the update is released later today thanks to How-To Geek. The following are five new features for Chrome 98 that are aimed at the end user:

A new screenshot feature has been included

One to look forward to. The screenshot tool built into your Mac or PC may be used instead to take a screenshot of your browser. The Screenshot button will appear underneath the Copy link when you click the share symbol in your URL bar. Then you don’t have to bother about cropping or choosing certain windows while taking a snapshot of what’s currently shown in your browser.

Add emoticons to screenshots with this app (Android)

This feature is currently being tested on Android devices with Chrome 98. Go to chrome:/flags/#lightweight-reactions-android to turn it on.

An experimental Privacy Guide is being tested by Google

Chrome 98 introduces a trial version of the Privacy Guide, a tool for keeping tabs on your online and app usage and privacy while using Chrome. Chrome:/flags/#privacy-review may be enabled to test out the functionality.

Upgrades to web apps are reliable

Improved browser bar appearance was one of Chrome 97’s experimental features, and it was rolled out to all users. Those changes appear to be stable with 98.

New emojis have been released

New COLRv1 Color Gradient Vector Fonts should improve the appearance of emojis you see when using Chrome. An excellent demonstration of these enhancements may be seen at the COLRv1 Emoji demo site. From Google’s developer site and the Chromium blog, you can get a complete list of Chrome 98’s developer improvements and new features.

What is the procedure to upgrade Google Chrome to 98?

To see whether Chrome has an update available, choose Help > About Google Chrome from the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner of the window. Just follow the on-screen instructions and restart your browser, and you’ll be good to go with the latest version of Chrome.