In Sleep Mode, MacBooks Seem to Drain Their Batteries

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Photo: Joanna Nelius/Gizmodo – Bluetooth gadgets may be to blame for the issue. Watch the battery life of your MacBook if you’ve recently installed macOS 12.2 on it. Reports of significant power depletion when in sleep mode are being posted on numerous forums and social media sites (Retweet, Twitter) by disgruntled MacBook users (via MacRumors).

They are waking up from their energy-saving hibernation due to an apparent flaw in Bluetooth gadgets’ firmware. This week’s macOS 12.2 update is said to have reduced a Mac’s battery life to zero when it is in sleep mode.

When the screen was not being used, one user provided graphs demonstrating how quickly the battery was draining (note: this actually does not happen in Windows, as this tweet claims). This isn’t the only person who has noticed this issue after upgrading to macOS 12.2, as many others have reported identical issues with their machines after downloading the macOS 12.2 beta.

When I updated my late 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro while it was hooked into the wall, I closed the lid and restarted the machine with no programs active. ” As soon as I disconnected the MBP and the battery was 100%, I went to sleep,” one MacRumors user commented.

In the morning, when I lifted the lid of my MacBook Pro, it was still asleep. Unsure of what was wrong, I turned on the MacBook Pro and attempted to wake it up. The bell sounded and the battery indicator indicated 1%. After shutting the lid and turning off all other appliances, it dropped from 100% of its capacity to 1% overnight.

According to some users, problems with older versions of macOS may have been caused by an apparent fault in the operating system. In addition, Intel-powered machines are also susceptible, even though the newer M1 MacBooks are the most often reported victims of this issue. We’ve contacted Apple to see whether they are aware of these issues and will update this post if we hear back. Support docs with directions on how to improve battery life or check battery health have been sent to angry Mac users so far, but nothing has been provided that really addresses the problem..

Most experts believe that Bluetooth gadgets are a contributing factor, although it’s not quite obvious why they’re arousing these Macs from their rest. In Terminal, users observed that Bluetooth devices are creating “DarkWake from Deep Idle,” which results in continuously waking up Macs when they are in sleep mode.

Apple has not acknowledged this, but individuals who have experienced power depletion report that deactivating Bluetooth or removing wireless gadgets are viable, though irritating, remedies. The solution for several users has been to leave their MacBooks plugged in all night (we should warn that this could harm the health of the battery).

At least this battery issue isn’t caused by a hardware fault, which would necessitate returning or replacing your laptop. There is a silver lining: a software flaw. It’s possible that Apple is already aware of this problem and is working on a fix. Update your MacBook till then, and if you’re currently having issues with Bluetooth, consider blocking it before going to sleep.