Disable TV Tracking for Privacy Purposes

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techno.rentetan.com – There is a two-way conversation going on between the two of us: The fact that your TV is spying on you for the sake of data collecting and advertising probably wouldn’t surprise you. After all, this is 2022 and privacy is almost nonexistent. This is still not cool, so how can you disable your smart TV from monitoring what you watch, and revert to the days of watching the Super Bowl or playing video games without being watched or tracked?

Describe the tracking mechanism of your television

Introducing ACR, a technology that lets your smart TV observe what you watch, recognize what you watch, and use that knowledge to suggest new material and show you more relevant adverts. ACR stands for “automatic content recognition.” When you watch a program or a movie on your television, it records certain moments and sends that data to a computer, where it is compared to a database of previously recorded material.

Whatever you’re viewing on TV or via whatever media, this behavior will occur. ACR can monitor and report on everything you show on your TV, whether it’s a Blu-ray player, an Apple TV, or a PlayStation.

ACR tracking is included in the devices of the majority of major TV makers. Vizio was in trouble for not revealing how much data they were collecting from users, so now television makers include this information in the agreements that customers sign when they buy their products. In my case, I mistakenly consented to this monitoring since I was too occupied with setting up my TV set to give any thought to reading.

In any case, you may stop ACR tracking on your smart TV if you have one. However, this feature is known by a different name by every TV maker. We’ll go through the ACR settings of some of the most popular brands and where to locate them. Even if you own a TV from one of the manufacturers mentioned below, our instructions may no longer be applicable since the names and settings for these TVs are constantly changing.

Search for your individual TV model and ACR settings on the internet if you’re having trouble. A guide from the manufacturer, or a walkthrough by someone who has access to your TV and understands where to locate the setting, is recommended.

How to turn off the ACR feature on your smart TV?

You’ll find your ACR options under Live Plus if you have an LG smart TV, like I do. In reality, it’s probably designed to prevent you from turning it off. All Settings > General > Live Plus is where you’ll discover this option. Consider switching on “Limit Ad Tracking” while you’re here.

Look at Samsung, another well-known TV manufacturer. If you have an LG smart TV, your ACR settings may be found under the Settings > Terms & Policies menu. Disable “Viewing Information Services” and “Internet-Based Advertisements” if you want to avoid them.

There are ACR settings under Settings > System Preferences (or Device Preferences). Disable Samba Interactive TV from from point forward. Additional ad tracking capabilities may be found in the Ads Personalization section of About > Ads > Ad Tracking.

The ACR feature may be found under Admin & Privacy > Viewing Data on Vizio’s most recent TVs. You’ll be OK if you disable this option. Find Interactivity, which was Vizio’s original moniker for ACR if you don’t see Viewing Data. Go return to the Advertising page to disable ad tracking.