Methods for Turning Off ‘Read Receipts’ on the Most Popular Messaging Apps

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Photo: Kaspars Grinvalds (Shutterstock) – For those applications that won’t allow you to turn them off, there is a workaround. When you don’t know anything, you have nothing to fear. There is no accountability. For those who want to take their time in replying to messages, read receipts may be too much of a burden for you to bear.

Every popular messaging service has read receipts built in. A timestamp or double-tick appears when you read a message. That the message got delivered and read is reassuring. For those on the opposite side, though, this is a different story.

All of the most popular messaging platforms include read receipts that may be turned off. We’ll show you how to do it in the next sections.

Disabling read receipts is a two-way street, so be aware. You may not be able to check whether or not your messages have been sent or viewed if the feature is turned off.


Let’s begin with the most widely used chat service in the world: Facebook Messenger. Disable “Read Receipts” under Account Settings > Settings > Privacy.


In the iMessage settings app, you may turn off read receipts for iMessage. Disable the “Read Receipts” option in Settings > Messages.

Google’s instant messaging service

The steps are somewhat different on the Android side. Open Google Messenger on your Android phone and choose the three-dotted menu in the upper-right corner. Disable “Send Read Receipts” in Settings > Chat Features.


LinkedIn allows you to eliminate both read receipts and the typing indication, but the processes vary depending on whether you’re using the website or the mobile app.

Go to the Settings & Privacy section by clicking on your Profile symbol on the website. Enter the “Change” button under the Read Receipts and Typing Indicators option under Communications > Messaging Experience. In this section, you may turn off the function entirely.

Go to “Profile > Settings > Communications > Messaging Experience” on the mobile app to access this feature. Disable receipts and typing indications once you’ve gone through the process of reading them.


Tap your Profile icon in the Signal app, choose Settings > Privacy and uncheck “Read Receipts.”

Microsoft Teams

There is a feature in Microsoft Teams that lets you keep your coworkers from knowing exactly when you’ve viewed a message. Go to “Settings” by clicking the Profile symbol in the toolbar. Disable the “Read Receipts” function in the “Privacy” section.

What should you do if you can’t disable read receipts? Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and WhatsApp

This functionality isn’t supported by all of the most popular chat apps. You can’t turn off read receipts in Instagram, Facebook Messenger, or Telegram

You may, however, view texts without notifying the sender by turning on airplane mode on your phone. Open the app and view the message after putting your phone on airplane mode. As long as your phone is in airplane mode, no one will know you’ve read it.