Tell Your Google Assistant to Shut Up and Take It Easy Already!

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Photo: Colin Hui (Shutterstock) – Finally, I’m able to be sarcastic with my assistant without losing my edge. The Google Assistant is excellent, but there are instances when it becomes grating, such as when the assistant insists on explaining something you already know. If anything triggers your Google Assistant by accident, you may get an answer you did not want. You don’t want to spend time with a “Hey Google” or “OK Google” in any situation. We can all agree that Google should shut up.

Back in 2019, Google debuted a quicker Assistant, and the Pixel 4 had a “Stop” button that could be used to stop alarms and timers with one command. It’s a useful addition to Google Assistant, and it helps it seem more natural to use. Until recently, the “Stop” command has only operated in conjunction with alarms and timers.

As of a few weeks ago, Google’s smart speakers and screens may now be stopped with a simple command of the spoken kind: Using “OK Google” or “Hey Google” before a command is unnecessary. Saying “Stop chatting” to the Assistant will accomplish your desired result.

If your Google smart speaker or smart display is connected to the internet, it should automatically download and install this new functionality. “Stop” is all you need to do.

The fact that you merely need to say “stop” doesn’t mean you have to say only that. It won’t talk to you as long as Google Assistant hears that term. Then tell your smart speaker to “fucking stop” or anything like that if you’re feeling very brave. As long as you keep saying “stop,” it’ll shut up and quit bothering you.

The AI apocalypse will undoubtedly start with you, and I’ll probably tell them to “fucking stop” in a different context than you may expect. Until then, yelling abuse at your Nest Mini to do your bidding is a lot of fun.