Before You Replace an iPhone Battery, Here’s What You Need to Know

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Photo: Primakov (Shutterstock) – There are a few ways to replace the battery in an iPhone, each with its own set of considerations. Today’s technology has a lengthy life expectancy. The days of having to replace your smartphone every two years are over, and you may be able to get by with an iPhone from 2015 if just your battery needs replacing. Replacement costs a fraction of the price of a new iPhone. There are several things you should know before upgrading your phone, even if it’s better to just change the battery.

In terms of money, you’re not going to spend a lot

The cost of a new iPhone battery is nothing like the cost of a new iPhone; the two are incomparable. First and foremost, if your iPhone is still under warranty, the repair will cost you absolutely nothing. a) I think that’s a fair bargain.

For older iPhones, warranties are no longer valid. It will cost you $69.00 if you have a Face ID-enabled iPhone. If you have an iPhone with a Home Button, you’ll simply have to pay $49. If you’re looking to get the most out of your iPhone, this is one of, if not the cheapest fixes available from Apple (if iOS is slowing things down due to an old battery).

The entire list of iPhones and their prices can be seen at Apple’s pricing page.

Taking it to Apple may not be an option

If you live near an Apple Store, the Genius Bar was where you could take your iPhone in for repair. Even if Apple’s repair center was derided and ridiculed, at least it worked. When anything went wrong with your Apple product, you took it to the source: the company that manufactured the device, Apple.

That doesn’t seem to be the situation now. The days of being able to choose from a variety of Genius Bar appointments are long gone, for whatever reason. Yes, you may still do so, but you may see a slew of new third-party shops appear in their place. You may not even be aware that the Apple Store exists.

Because of COVID constraints, Apple’s ability to handle most of its customers’ difficulties in their own shops is likely to be the major reason. In addition, Apple has long maintained a list of approved repair shops it allows to handle repairs on its devices; what’s new here is that Apple requires you to book an appointment with these businesses as it’s the Genius Bar is.

It actually doesn’t matter who replaces the battery in your iPhone since that’s all you want. However:

Ask ahead of time to see whether the repair shop has the component you need

Despite the fact that Apple isn’t flawless, they have a solid repair mechanism in place. By scheduling an appointment, the retailer will be able to tell whether they have the component you need. You may order it from them, if they don’t already have it, to finish the repair.

This isn’t going to be the situation in all places.

Our local Apple-authorized Best Buy was able to help a buddy of mine get a new battery for their iPhone 8. While waiting in line, Best Buy notified them that they didn’t have the component, so they couldn’t complete the repair. Sorry. A repair business would be expected to verify that they have the component before requiring you to come in for service, but this is not the case.

Call ahead to make sure they have your component since there are no promises. In addition, as iPhones become better and better, the number of devices that need replacement components is growing exponentially. Since it’s unlikely that your repair shop has the batteries for an iPhone that’s been in service for 5, 6, or 7 years, you can count on them to place an order for it before your scheduled appointment. To avoid wasting your time, phone ahead and double-check.

Negative responses should not be seen as a given

As a result of Apple regulations, Apple-authorized repair shops may give you a hard time. When a Reddit user went to Best Buy to replace their iPhone’s battery, they were turned away because Apple supposedly wouldn’t allow it. Although Apple typically waits until the battery has reached 80 percent of its capacity (or 1,100 charging cycles) before replacing it, this only applies to warranty repairs.

The Redditor should have been allowed to replace the battery on this iPhone since it was no longer under warranty. Refusing to perform such a repair may have risked the repair shop’s Apple accreditation, based on online comments. The battery replacement option is available if you know your iPhone is out of warranty.

For a repair, send your iPhone to Apple

Set up a mail-in repair service with Apple if you don’t want to deal with a third party or any other retailer. In order to schedule a repair on Apple’s website, you may choose this option. Obviously, you’ll have to give up your iPhone for a long amount of time, so unless you have a backup phone, I wouldn’t advocate this strategy.

A new battery for your iPhone is easy to install on your own

You don’t have to pay someone to replace your old battery; while it may sound frightening, you can open up your iPhone and change the yourself yourself if you so like.

iFixit is my go-to place for this kind of Apple tinkering. All sorts of gadgets may be repaired with the help of the company’s manuals and kits, which include everything you need.

Even if you’ve worked with computers before, replacing an iPhone battery isn’t a simple task. Because batteries may be hazardous, it’s crucial that you follow the instructions precisely while replacing one. Otherwise, you run the risk of an explosion. It’s not difficult to do it yourself, however. You can easily change your iPhone’s battery if you carefully follow the instructions, which frequently include both a video and a thorough write-up.

This is by far the most affordable way due to the fact that you are performing all of the work yourself. For example, if I needed to replace the battery in my 8 Plus, I could save $20 by purchasing the repair kit from iFixit instead of going via Apple. It’s still possible, though, that you’ll need to change the battery yourself.