Google’s Pixel 6 might be more affordable by the spring, according to rumors

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The Pixel 5a’s replacement might debut as early as this year. Photo:┬áSam Rutherford / Gizmodo – The Pixel Watch and a low-cost Chromecast with Google TV have been tipped to accompany its release. A new iteration of Google’s A-series smartphone was expected to be released around the time of Google’s I/O developer conference before the epidemic. With the Pixel 6a, the firm may return to that timeframe, and the Pixel Watch, as well as a more affordable HD Chromecast with Google TV dongle, may also be included.

In May, Google is expected to unveil the Pixel 6a at a lower price point, according to the leaker Max Jambor. A virtual or in-person version of Google’s annual developer conference will most certainly take place this year as well. Until yet, Google has not made a public statement on the matter

According to rumors, the 6a will sport a 6.2-inch display that is somewhat smaller than the current Pixel 5a’s 5.5-inch screen. Refresh rates are limited to 60Hz instead than the previously reported 120Hz. It’s possible that a lower refresh rate is beneficial for battery life, however. Google’s Pixel 6a might compete with Motorola’s entry-level phones, which tend to slash processing power in favor of longer battery life.

While the flagship Pixel 6 has a custom Tensor processor, it’s possible that the Pixel 6a will as well. Even while the processor’s capabilities aren’t yet known, it’s expected to be enhanced so that the Pixel 6a can take full use of the Pixel 6’s standout features, such as its amazing in-device language translation.

As a result of this, the A series is preferred above other mid-range Android smartphones because of its photography smarts. It’s possible that the Pixel 6a will come equipped with three cameras: an ultrawide camera with a resolution of 12 megapixels and an 8 megapixel front-facing shooter. Expect the phone to appear like its premium siblings as well, since Google’s budget series is getting the same angular design and multiple camera array on the rear as its flagships.

Assuming a new smartphone is announced by Google in the spring, it’s expected to be accompanied by the Pixel Watch. Since Jon Prosser debuted renderings of the Android wristwatch we’ve all been waiting for, we’ve been anticipating Google’s next hardware announcements ever since.

Additionally, we anticipate a Chromecast dongle with Google TV to join the family of Chromecast devices. Although 9to5Google first described it as an update to the existing Chromecast, Protocol later revealed that the dongle, codenamed Boreal, will instead be promoted as a low-cost entrance into Google’s streaming ecosystem.

The Amlogic S805X2 CPU and Mali-G31 GPU have been leaked for the Chromecast. This component is noteworthy because it supports AV1 decoding, which Google has been promoting vigorously. For low-bandwidth networks, it’s a royalty-free open-source video codec. With Duo video chat, Google leverages it.

In order to compete with Walmart’s entry-level Google TV devices, which start at $20, and Amazon’s and Roku’s equivalent AV1 decoding devices, it’s probable that the new Chromecast will only stream in 1080p/60fps. Google’s first-party hardware selection would be bolstered by the addition of a more cheap streaming device.