Better Trackpad Gestures with Your Cheap Mouse Thanks to This App

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Screenshot: Pranay Parab – Is it possible to take a screenshot with one click? Changing workplaces in a flash? Then I’m in. To some extent, using your finger than move the cursor is preferable to using a low-cost Bluetooth mouse with your Mac. Some macOS trackpad gestures, though, such as the three-finger drag to switch workspaces, aren’t available. So why not check out the Mac Mouse Fix? It’s a free tool that lets you add trackpad motions and smooth scrolling to a cheap Bluetooth mouse.

Immediately after installing Mac Mouse Fix 2, all of your mouse’s buttons (excluding left- and right-click) will be captured so that you may determine what happens to them. When using a Bluetooth mouse that has just three buttons, Mac Mouse Fix will grab the middle button for your convenience. What occurs if you click, hold, double-click, or drag the middle mouse button may be configured in the app.

This is a great option if you want to divide “productive” programs from “distracting” apps so that you can simply reach them with your mouse. One workspace may be used by Messages and Telegram, while another can be used by Slack and Safari. You can switch workspaces simply by clicking and dragging. An alternative is to use the middle-click to switch workspaces, followed by a double-click of the same button to go back to the first workspace.

Smooth Scrolling in the program improves the feel of the middle wheel button, and if that isn’t enough, you can have your mouse emulate keyboard shortcuts. With the default utility or other screenshot programs on your Mac, you may capture rapid screenshots with the Command+Shift+3 or Command+Shift+4 keyboard shortcuts. A single or double-click of the center button on the Mac Mouse Fix may be used to perform these shortcuts.

The screenshot actions I assigned to the side buttons on my Bluetooth mouse have significantly sped up my processes. The App-specific settings section of Mac Mouse Fix’s preferences window has a few additional handy options that may be accessed by clicking the More button towards the top of the window.

As soon as you’ve finished customizing Mac Mouse Fix to your heart’s delight, just choose Enable Mac Mouse Fix and then shut the program.