Instructions on How to Use Captions for iPhone Photo Organizer

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Screenshot: Khamosh Pathak – Add captions to your iPhone images to give them context and make them simpler to find. Thanks to Google’s expertise in image recognition, machine learning, and, of course, search, Google Photographs is an excellent tool for going through your photos. However, there are a few things you can do to make Apple’s Photos app more helpful.

When it comes to on-device image recognition, Apple adopts a privacy-conscious approach. While it is typically able to classify your personal images into broad categories like “vehicle,” “dog,” and “water,” it struggles with anything much more particular.. However, there’s a method to make the Photos search bar more helpful by outwitting this technique. Manual effort is required, but there are two advantages to doing so.

What’s the point of captioning your iPhone photos?

With the Labels feature in the iOS Photos app, you can give your most treasured photographs meaningful captions and then use those captions to search across your entire picture collection, just as you would on Google.

As an example, putting a description to the kitchen tile you choose, rather than the 23 other photographs of kitchen tiles in your photo album, might save a lot of time and aggravation while you’re discussing the project with your contractor.

Captioning your iPhone images is easy, and here’s how you do it

All iPhones with iOS 14 or later may use the Captions function. Using the Photos app, select a photo that will be useful in the future and save it. Tap the “Add a Caption” text box by swiping up.

Screenshot: Khamosh Pathak

Simply enter in your caption—be as comprehensive as possible so that you don’t have to remember one specific keyword—and then hit the “Done” button to save your changes. When you swipe up from the picture, you’ll now be able to see the caption. Occasionally, I’ll use it as a writing tool, jotting down observations on the coffees I’ve had or the sunsets I’ve seen.

How to use text captions in iPhone picture searches

In the Photos app, the search for captions has been merged into the primary search tool. Go to the “Search” option in the Photos app and enter in a few keywords from the photo’s caption.

The Captions section is located at the bottom of the search results. These are the pictures you’ve uploaded. Photographs may still be indexing your photos if you don’t see any results (and the new captions data). It may take some time for this to be completed. You can speed up the indexing process by making sure your iPhone isn’t in low-power mode, connecting it to a power source, and making sure you’re connected to WiFi.