How to Improve the Sound Quality of Your iPhone’s Voice Memos

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Photo: MichaelJayBerlin (Shutterstock) – Background noise may be reduced and voice can be amplified using the “Enhance Recording” function. Even while the Voice Memos app on the iPhone makes it simple to record everything from an academic lecture to a podcast, it’s not always as good as you’d want. As a result, there may be wind noise or a speaker’s voice that is barely discernible in the background while using this technique. It’s possible to correct it with time and some audio editing abilities, or you may just utilize the Enhance Recording tool in iOS 14 to get the job done.

Using machine learning, Enhance Recording attempts to decrease background noise, boost the amplitude of spoken words, and otherwise round out the audio.

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Improve the sound quality of your Apple voice memos with these simple tips

Simply launch the Voice Memos app and choose an existing recording to begin using this function. Turn on “Enhance Recording” by tapping the Options icon in the bottom-left area of the recording (top-right on Mac).

You may also play about with the “Skip Silence” option while you’re here. Overcast and similar podcast applications were the first to provide this capability. Here, too, the same idea applies: Apple will examine the whole file and eliminate any quiet sections automatically.

Even when you’re recording, you may utilize the Enhance Recording option. You just have to stop and pause the recording. You may activate the “Enhance Recording” function by tapping the Options button in the top-left corner.

You may also access this function by selecting “Edit Recording” from the three-dotted menu button. From here, you can also cut the audio recording. Finally, you may utilize the menu’s “Share” option to distribute your recording (it will be exported in .m4a format).