First Look at Samsung’s Next Galaxy Note, Second Generation

by - – A new Note may be on the way during Samsung’s Unpacked presentation in September. The exact details of Samsung’s next Unpacked event have yet to be released. Samsung has recently teased the return of the venerable Galaxy Note, but it will be a different smartphone than you may anticipate.

“At Unpacked in February 2022, we’ll expose you to the most significant S series product we’ve ever built,” Samsung President Dr. TM Roh, leader of the company’s MX Business, said in a Thursday blog post. A new generation of Galaxy S is arrived, combining the best of Samsung’s Galaxy devices into one ultimate gadget.”

In 2011, Samsung debuted the Galaxy Note to much acclaim. When it was released, the 5.3-inch display was one of the largest displays available. However, even as Samsung’s flagship phones rose in screen size, its Note became Samsung’s most premium smartphone, with the firm keeping its most advanced technology and features for the Note. We can’t forget the exploding batteries, will we?

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which Roh hinted to in his Unpacked teaser, will take up the torch now that the Galaxy S22 has been handed off.

A Note-like smartphone featuring a space for the S Pen has been predicted to replace the Ultra edition of Samsung’s Galaxy S range. Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra now has S Pen capability, however the pen cannot be docked without purchasing a bulky cover.

There was more to the Note than just its S Pen. In many cases, it possessed the greatest camera of any Samsung phone, along with a powerful CPU and a lot of storage capacity for photographs and documents. In terms of marketing, the Note was positioned as a high-end device. With the Galaxy S22 Ultra (as the device is expected to be dubbed), Samsung can centralize its supply chain and get you to spend a little bit more for superior hardware at the same time. This makes sense.

Samsung teased some of the Ultra’s features at the Unpacked event. Having “the night” to shoot “the finest and brightest images” is mentioned, which implies a bigger image sensor to capture light. There’s a guarantee that you’ll “dominate the day with power,” which sounds like there’s a hefty battery inside. When I heard that this would also be the most intelligent Galaxy experience, it made me think of Samsung’s newly announced Home Hub, which uses Matter technology.

All of this is consistent with rumors regarding the upcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra phone. One of the leaked images shows the Ultra’s front-facing camera to have an unusual assortment of lenses, including a 12MP ultra wide angle lens, an 8MP wide angle lens, and a 10-MP telephoto with 10x magnification. Another set of unsubstantiated specifications include an AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate, up to 16GB of RAM, and at least 512GB of storage. Also, the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor is expected to power it.

Samsung will begin reservations for the new Note-like Ultra on January 21 before making any more announcements. Reserve the next Galaxy Tab, if you’re courageous enough. On Samsung’s website, you’ll be able to reserve one or the other beginning tomorrow.